How to Bowfishing in Muddy Water

How to Bowfishing a Muddy Water.

Due to inclement weather conditions such as winter, springs and floods resulting from long rains such as elnino, water bodies in form of rivers, lakes, streams and ponds often get flat, murky and muddy. These conditions are however short lived as they usually clear after some time.

Mud in water impairs clarity hence depriving the fisher of a clear view of underlying fish in order to easily spot and shoot it with an arrow. In most cases, therefore, fishers opt to go home empty-handed. However, for those who prefer fun trips to bow fishing, the whole situation may relate to a low hanging dark nimbus clouds-an explanation for the cost incurred and time wasted at the vicinity without realizing the objectives of such trips.

The question is, what if you are found in the funny shoe of bowfishing fun trip or having reported to your favorite fishing spot only to realize that the waters there are muddy?

You will definitely go for an alternative.

In a murky, flat or muddy water, there are several factors that serve as red flags to the presence of fish below the surface of the waters. These factors range from Broad V-wakes on the water surface, moving grasses to waging tails, just some inches above the water surfaces. When using a lure, therefore, the fishing itself can be quite successful, BUT NOT IN ARROW-BOW-FISHING.

So long as your safety is guaranteed, there is no need to relent or retreat. You just need some simple procedure on how to go through the remaining stages of this epic journey.

Acquire appropriate materials-Bowfishing in Muddy Water

These materials include; a spin or roller boat, adequate arrows and a bow (recurve or compound), arrow rest, finger guards, polarized glass lenses, clothes and shoes that can be comfortably used in dirty water in absence of a boat.

Spotting the most favorable spot.

Pay close attention to the surrounding environment for clues.

Long and broad V-wakes with a resultant bulge on the surface of the water is a clear indication of a fish underneath. Faster and Wispy-V-Wakes that pops up quickly and disappears may mean mullets presence. Jacks and seatrout usually feed on open waters and deep channels. Reds swim into flooded grassy shorelines and river banks in search for foods. Big, Sudden splash usually emanate from gars that lie still under the surface and abruptly bolt away creating a huge splash.

Angle Yourself well when Bowfishing in Muddy Water

Once you have spotted the right place, using a boat (not necessary for shallow river banks and shorelines) move to the place. Using the lenses if necessary and angle your body well to avoid tripping and falling when taking the shot.

Put the arsenals in order when Bowfishing in Muddy Water

Attach the bow to the reel and arrow to the fishing line. It is also advisable to keep the arrows as sharp as possible in order to be in for a successful shot as blunt arrows may slide over the scales and body surface of the fish.

Take a shot when Bowfishing in Muddy Water

Wait until the waging tail resurfaces, or for the V-wakes and take a SNAPSHOT. Draw your bow back apart and release it without coming to full draw. In this manner, you will be able to shoot the quick swimming grass carps or the faster moving reds and gars. This method should however not be used during deer season.

Bring the fish in the boat when Bowfishing in Muddy Water

After a successful hit, use the reel to bring in the caught fish. Special arrows have barbs to hold on the catch. You will need a line, strong enough to bring your caught-up fish in. the number of fishes to be caught depends greatly on the speed of your snapshots and ability to pull in the catches.

Adopt the art of scouting when Bowfishing in Muddy Water

With time you will realize the addictive nature of bowfishing. Therefore, the resultant is the need to explore new areas around your locality. Go for google maps and DNR from online internet sites to help you locate public water bodies that show indications of fish presence.


With time, muddy bow fishing will develop to be your potential leisure and later, your full-time activity. Therefore, if you haven’t thought of it, then it’s time you pull up your ankle socks!