How To Bowfishing Jumping

Introduction-Bowfishing Jumping Fish

Bowfishing has been gaining popularity over the years because the challenge that comes with it excites people. And although it’s definitely challenging for those who are new to it, they seem to get more determined every time.

While bowfishing fish in the water is a skill you have to master, bowfishing jumping fish is on a whole new level. Listed below are the tips on how to bowfish jumping fish. It’s an easy skill to master, but it’s not an impossible one.

Have the Appropriate Bow when Bowfishing Jumping Fish

The most important thing you need to have before you go off to any bowfishing trip is a bow, and an appropriate one at that. Bowfishing jumping fishes isn’t an easy feat and you definitely need the right bow to do it properly.

Recurved and compound bows are better options because they can propel an arrow at greater speed and don’t take up a lot of space on the boat, which is good. Paper tuning it before your trip is something you must do. If you’re veteran bowfisher, this is something you probably know. But for beginners, this is a crucial part of a successful trip.

Get the Best Arrows

What you also need to focus on is the kind of arrows you use for bowfishing. Usually arrows for bowfishing have heavier fiberglass, doesn’t have fletching, have barbed arrowheads, and have a line mechanism that allows tying the reel towards them.

Carbon fiber arrows are also starting to gain a pool of loyal users, especially the ones who can afford its price. These pricier arrows are commended to be straighter and stiffer, which can be useful for penetrating through fishes. If you have the budget for it, then go buy one by all means.

Bottle Over Spool

When you’re in a fast and furious situation with a fish in the air, you don’t want anything to ruin the moment you try to catch it. Over the years, veterans have said that the best type of reel is the bottle reel compared to the spool version, especially for flying fishes.

The line travels the same speed as the arrow and spool reels can always just jam and get tangled, ruining the moment. When the line is piled up in the bottle, you wouldn’t have to worry about tangles. All find a reel with a floater so that you can easily locate it once you’re pulling back the fish.

Get Polarized Glasses when Bowfishing Jumping Fish

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When you’re dealing with fishes jumping in and out of the water with rapid speed, it’s just pretty hard to focus on one thing. That’s why it’s a great idea to get polarized glasses because these things help make you see better when you’re in the water.

These glasses work to reduce the glare from the water during day time. Without the glare, you can easily spot fishes what jumps straight out of the water just in time for you to shoot at it. You no longer need to squint or strain your eyes just so you can have a better view, just get a pair and you’re good to go.

Get Them out of the Water when Bowfishing Jumping Fish

The reason why these fishes jump out and fly into the air is because they get scared of the noise and vibrations from the boat. First you need to drive the fish to the center so you have pile of fishes underwater, then you turn the boat around, gun the motor a little, and drive through them at the right speed.

As you drive through the fish will getting scared and frantic, jumping out of the water in a frenzy. This can last for a couple of minutes, but just keeping doing this until you get tired from shooting.

Stay Alert when Bowfishing Jumping Fish

Getting them out of the water is one thing but getting shooting and hitting is another. These fishes just jump out and don’t really care about the direction they’re going, which is definitely hard to predict. These fishes jump up to 10 feet in the air, so be careful and, as much as possible, avoid getting hit because the big ones can break bones.

They are big and heavy creatures that smack and hit anything in their way. Staying alert won’t just help you hit those fishes but also avoid any injuries that they might cause. There have already been a lot of cases where a big fish broke a couple of bones here and there.

Move Quickly when Bowfishing Jumping Fish

Just like the fishes, you need to move fast to keep up with the frenzy. If you’ve shot and hit your fish, then quickly pull and grab your line. Do it fast and quick to save time. If you missed, then do things quicker.

This is the catch for dealing with a flying fish frenzy, you need to be alert and quick every time you see a fish up in the air. Any movement should be reacted to quickly. Slow movers won’t get any action if they don’t feel the rush of the moment.

Shoot From the Hip

If you’ve never heard of this, it just simply means that you need to do something in the spur of the moment. Flying fish are only in the air for a few seconds, so this doesn’t really need much practice on stagnant targets.

It needs more of knowing how to shoot when you need to than waiting for the right moment. For beginners, it might be a little hard to master but you get the hang of it as you keep on practicing with actual flying fishes.

As soon as you see them up in the air, shoot as fast as you can. However, you don’t need to shoot at every fish you see because chances are you might miss the shot. You’ll eventually find which fishes to aim for and which to ignore. Over time, it becomes an instinct for those who keep doing it.

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All these tips are crucial to help you get the best out of bowfishing one of the hardest fishes to catch. These flying fishes only leave people with slim chances of catching them. While being prepared with the right equipment can help, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll catch the fish you’re aiming for. Remember, you need to be quick and alert to shoot from the hip. These fishes are quick so you definitely need to be quicker.