Bowfishing with a Drum Reel

How to Bowfishing with a Drum Reel?

Introduction How to Bowfishing with a Drum Reel?

A hobby is a leisure activity which could ease the boredom and stress away. There are cheap and low-cost sports hobbies which people can engage in. One of these hobbies which friends and families can do together is bowfishing.

In this activity, a bow is utilized for hunting for fish rather than the traditional way of fishing. Reels are still utilized that is attached to the bow. Equipment and materials required for bowfishing include arrows, bows as well as a protective glass.

These are inexpensive and can be purchased in various stores. The option mentioned is a practical way of reducing the costs of a hobby, especially for the newbie. But, once you start to love this activity, you should invest in materials of good quality. Materials are of good quality are in an investment that can be inherited by the next generation who might love doing the same activity.

One of the crucial materials to consider in bowfishing is drum reel. If you want to know how to bowfishing with a drum reel, then you come to the right place. This guide will help you know more about drum reel, how to use it in bowfishing, and choosing the best one. So, here we go.

What is a Drum Bowfishing Reel?

There are many types of bowfishing reels available on the market at this point. These bowfishing reels typically mount to the sight bushings or stabilizers as well as have their pros and cons too. A superior and high quality bowfishing reel must able to hold up over time, and it is the lone place where a lot of bowfishers spend on their equipment.

Drum reel is the last and perhaps the most important piece of bowfishing tools or equipment that fastens typically to the bow. Normally, the fishing line is piled in a bottle instead of a wound around a pool, as it is in traditional reels. The fact that bowfishing line travels along with the arrow, it reels out quicker and faster than a typical line, which is fastened from a rod. The drum reel will slow the arrow as well as knot and twisted when shot.  Some drum reels available out there comes with a float that is attached to the bowfishing line so that you can trail the fish.

Drum Bowfishing Reels

When you’re starting with bowfishing, or you like a stress-free reel to put into your fishing arsenal, a drum reel is indeed a wise choice. A drum reel has a simple style, straightforward; make it relatively user-friendly even for a newbie in bowfishing. What is more, it is tough; therefore, it lasts for a very long time.

Drum reel is made of superior aluminum material that assures its long duration with the right care. This unit mounts effectively to a stabilizer bushing as well as ready to use. There are drum reels available that come with a bowfishing line with a considerable length of eighty feet.

We are happy and pleased with the design and performance of the drum reel. One small thing we would consider, though, is the line retainer build. In my opinion, plastic, thick material is a much better choice to make it faster and easier to reel the line.

How to Use Drum Reel for Bowfishing?

Using drum reel, the fishing line is wrapped around the drum manually and spools off when an arrow is released. The benefit of drum reel is that it is cost-efficient when opposed to other types of reels. On the other hand, this reel is likely to be slow as draw or drag the line in using hand and then wind it back on the drum after every shot. In view of the fact that bowfishing can be a quick pace leisure with many shots appearing at one time, this can be an issue. Another problem is the fishing line is able to tangle easily, which can cause many frustrations. Drum reels have diverse attaching choices as some will attach to the stabilizer bushing as well as others attach by taping the drum reel to the bow itself. In case your budget is limited, the drum reel can be the best choice. On the other hand, most likely, you will need to upgrade it at some point.

Tip to Consider when Bowfishing with a Drum Reel?

Avoid tying a line to the rear of an arrow as it will get knotted in the bowstring and the arrow will come back to you. This is what we called snap back and leads typically to facial injuries. A bowfishing arrow has a slide mechanism wherein the fishing line is mounted to the surface of the arrow shaft. In this way, the way of the outgoing fishing line does not cross the place of the bowstring and the bow as well.


Bowfishing is indeed an action-packed and challenging activity. To take full advantage of your fishing experience as well as obtain the best and prized catch, you need to have the best and vital gears for bowfishing to get started. What is more, drum reel, it is vital to acquire and buy a reliable as well as a sturdy bow, which can provide the highest of thirty pounds of total draw weight if you have paired it off with the bowfishing arrow.

Also, it is vital to buy a comprehensive set of bowfishing accessories. These accessories take account of fishing line, arrow, lights, tips as well as points. Prior to leaving your home as well as heading over to the fishing expedition, you must pack and include these bowfishing accessories, which will boost the possibilities of a valuable and meaningful bowfishing experience.

Bowfishing is indeed popular as well as thrilling water leisure for newbie and professionals alike. On the other hand, it can be a difficult experience, except you have the most reliable gear and accessories with you. Like for instance, the best drum bowfishing reels is just as essential as the fishing line given that you can never have one without the others.