How to Bowfishing With Crossbow

Introduction Bowfishing With Crossbow

Believe it or not, moving out of your archery store with a new crossbow in your hand is one of the most wonderful experiences on Earth. . This article will explains about how to bowfishing with crossbow. Many people don’t know that crossbow also can be used in bowfishing activities. There are specific bowfishing to use when you want to hunt for fish. It should be noted here that when bowfishing using crossbow you must follow steps that it required. It is hoped that this article will provide guidelines about how to bow fishing using crossbow. Whether recurve or compound, a properly set crossbow is just a stepping stone to a new world of professional arrow-bowfishing

However, acquiring a new crossbow does not automatically relate to big catches as it may seem. There are a lot more than you still need to know. Remember, in a marathon, runners may share uniforms and boots made by the same company and, of coz run in the same field, but only the faster ones with quality running skills turn champions. This also applies to crossbow fishing.

Just like any other angler, you will not need a bow that shoots stray arrows. This does not only reduce the rate and number of successful shootings but also exposes you to some other risks. Second, the arrows and bows should be durable in nature and have a drawback point. The bow should also be lightweight in nature.

In many occasions, you will realize that crossbows attract pursuits of specific types of fish. Species such as grass carps and alligators in freshwaters are always unusually large. You will, therefore, need stronger crossbows held with bolts. These types of bows are normally heavy.
In short, before walking out of that store, make sure the crossbow meets its intended purpose. In case you doubt your choice, feel free to contact the pro-archery store owners for guidance. The same should be done to that old crossbow that you are about to put into use.

Here are some basic guidelines on how to bowfish with a crossbow.

Setting Up the Crossbow when Bowfishing With Crossbow

This is normally the first step of this adventure. In most cases, you will notice that crossbows come in parts. In most States, carrying a mounted crossbow in public is prohibited. It is you to assemble all the parts and attach them together in order to get your ideal crossbow.
It is prudent to request a manual upon making any purchase order. If you find that a specific part is missing, kindly consider calling for its replacement.

All parts should be of higher quality and needed durability.
Cocking the Crossbow
Modern crossbows function almost like a gun only that guns have higher shooting power than them. You will need to cock your arrows in the fight groove before doing anything.

You can either precock your crossbow before reaching the chosen fishing spot or do it just sometime before the main act. Your preferences matter.
There are three methods of cocking a crossbow. Some crossbows have stirrup at the front for hand-cocking. Though extremely hard, this is the most preferred by professional anglers.

When hand-cocking, stand and securely place your foot in the stirrup. Using both hands, pull the string back until it is properly cocked. To achieve this, you will need to use equal forces on both sides of the crossbow. Misaligned arrows are not always accurate.

Crossbows rated at more than 150lbs are more difficult to cock with hands. They normally require a lot of energy to do that. In such cases, you will need to employ other methods such as the use of rope cocker or a crank.
When using cocking ropes, ensure the ropes are even with each other by pulling them slightly at the same time. Failure to do so will result in inconsistency in accuracy.

You can test whether the bowstring is properly cocked by pulling it back in a one forceful, fluid motion. You will hear two to three clicks. Cover up everything by putting one bolt in the grooved barrel. Failure to install it in place will result in damage to the crossbow.

Shooting the Target When Bowfishing With Crossbow

Unlike other older types of bow, taking shots using a crossbow is normally an easy task. All you need is to pull a trigger and you are done. However, before doing that, remember you are fishing. And, you will not definitely like to miss potential targets.

The fishing spot should be that which harbors the needed species of fish. Empty fields should be avoided.

Slide the Bolt-Bowfishing With Crossbow

First, slide the bolt into the barrel until it is firmly installed against the bowstring. Ideal crossbows come with clips that prevent the bolts from sliding.

Angle Yourself when Bowfishing With Crossbow

Second, angle yourself well depending on the positioning of the target. Always maintain an athletic stance while standing on the shores of the rivers and banks. When using boats, you can lie on the boat with your belly while maintaining your eyes on the targeted fish.

Examine the shots

Third, carefully examine your shot placements in the target. You will realize that your crossbow has a scope mounted on it. Look through it and make necessary adjustments. You may consult your scope’s manufacturer if you don’t get a hang on its usage.

Wait for the fish

Fourth, wait until the fish moves to an ideal location and then pull the trigger. In this step, key angling skills such as avoidance of blockages by objects such as stones, bushes and tree stumps should be taken into consideration.

After a successful shot, using the reel attached to the arrow, pull your successful shot on board. Detach it and repeat the whole process.

If you are in for longer time fishing, you will realize that the bowstring sometimes gets dry. To avoid this, always ensure you wax it often, after every few shots. This will also add some life to the crossbow.

In some circumstances, you will need to decock your cocked crossbow. Unlike guns, the only way out of this is through firing the existing arrows. You will definitely like dry-firing.


It will take you a lot of time to understand the whole process of crossbow arrow fishing. All you need is practice before the main fishing.

First practices should be done with blunt arrows in fields away from any human being. You can use objects such as trees stumps as targets during these acts.

Be well versed with all guidelines of use by the manufacturer company.