How To Bowhunting In The Rain-What You Must Know

Introduction Bowhunting in the rain

Many people wonder if it is advisable or even possible to bow hunt in the rain. Interestingly, you can! This article will explains about how to bowhunting in the rain. You must know the technique and steps that required to hunting the deer especially during raining season. The raining season is very tricky and you must understand the right technique when bow hunting the deer in the rain.

The raining season will make you difficult to track the deer because they are very good in hiding in the jungle. Hope that this article will provide an understanding about how to bowhunting in the rain for deer.

This is because deer will still be very active despite the rain. Even if wet weather persists for many days, deer will still roam the forest in search of food as usual. This is your chance to hunt them down. Rainy conditions should never prevent you from bow hunting deer. As a matter of fact, here are some tips on how to bow hunting deer in the rain.

Dress such that you’re protected from the rainwater when Bowhunting in the rain

For you to hunt effectively in the rain, it is important to wear the correct type of gear. Pick clothing which is warm and water resistant. As you dress up to hunt in the rain, ensure that you wear waterproof outerwear. A camouflage raincoat with waterproof zippers is ideal. Furthermore, ensure that your clothing is breathable. That’s because it is necessary and important for your sweat to wick out and evaporate. This allows your body to stay warm and dry under the weatherproof clothes.

A very important element is to make sure that the clothes which you wear do not make any sound when you move. They shouldn’t make audible noise when you move about in the woods. Last but not least, your boots should be fully waterproof. They should also have deep tread to ensure great footing with each step. The best ones are made of rubber and have a full length design. Make sure that they have a draw string feature, it
will keep the water from seeping into the boots.

The deer will maintain their usual behavioural habits when Bowhunting in the rain

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To deer, the rain is not a deterrent. A light shower does not prompt deer to change their habits or behaviour. Deer are oblivious to drizzles, light showers and heavy rain. Whenever it is pouring, deer go to the feeding grounds according to a specific pattern. The fawns and does go first. After that, the small bucks emerge. Towards dusk, the bucks come into view. With this knowledge, you can time your hunting effort accurately.

Rain makes deer much less wary

An interesting effect of rain upon deer is that it makes them much less skittish. The raindrops falling upon leaves causes a lulling drone. Also, the consistent rushing sound of raindrops on twigs and underbrush relaxes the deer. Rain pouring through the woods makes the deer think that all is well and they drop their guard. They embrace a docile, carefree attitude. This makes them easier to hunt during the rain.

The rain creates audible cover

Deer have a very advanced sense of hearing. They can listen for predators and flee in time. However, during the rain, your sounds are camouflage. The constant reverberation of the rain drops makes it more difficult for the deer to hear your steps. Furthermore, the sound of your drawn string is also covered sufficiently. As a result, it is easier to sneak up on deer and hunt them down in the rain. You even have some leeway to make some bold moves as you bow hunt the deer.

Analyze the areas which you have scouted first when bowhunting in the rain

During the rainy season, deer will frequent the same locations that they used to visit during the warm weather. Therefore, begin by checking out the same trails, runs and feeding locations that you had scouted before the hunting season began. Ensure that you get there early. After that, spend as much time as you can in every spot.

If you intend to move your hunting camp, do so during the noon hour. That’s because deer are much less active during this time of the day. After finding a good spot near your scouted locations, make sure to stay put until darkness falls. That’s because the big bucks tend to move around approximately 15 minutes before sunset.

Hotspots where you can find deer during the rain

There are some locations which deer tend to frequent during the rainy season. They like to go there for feeding or generally to stay out of direct showers. Some examples of these locations include saddles and ridge spines. You can also find deer on river crossings and streams. These
animals also tend to frequent the edges of fields and crop plantations. Furthermore, they do enjoy wandering into oak stands, orchards and other trees which produce mast.

It is hard to track wounded deer in the rain

As you hunt deer in the rain, it is important to know that tracking wounded animals will be difficult. That’s because rain can wash away blood from leaves very quickly. The blood might stay upon the leaves for a little longer during a light drizzle. However, it will disappear very fast in hard rain. For this reason, make sure to pay extra attention as you track wounded deer.

The rain cleans away your scent

Bow hunting deer in the rain is significantly easier because the prey can hardly notice your scent. The rain washes away most of your scent trail. This way, the deer cannot use their acute sense of smell to find out the location of your hunting spot. The rain water cleans scent away from your clothes. It also reduces the intensity of your airborne scent. As such, it is easier to sneak up on deer in the rain because they can’t catch your scent easily.

Shoot only when sure bowhunting in the rain

Seeing as it can be very difficult to track down a wounded deer, it is advisable to draw your bow only when you’re sure it will be a kill shot. If you are not sure that you’ll be able to kill the deer, don’t take the shot.


hunting deer in the rain is exciting. It allows you to have a significant advantage as the hunter. The natural conditions around complement your objective. These tips reveal how to bow hunting deer in the rain. They are guaranteed to help you get the biggest buck despite the rain!