How To Bowhunting Moose With A Recurve Bow

Introduction Bowhunting Moose With A Recurve Bow

Hunting is a great outdoor sport. Whether done for a trophy or game meat, the thrill that comes with hunting is immensely pleasurable and hardly compares to any indoor fun. This article will explains about how to bowhunting moose with a recurve bow. Moose hunting is very aggressive animal and you must take precautions steps when hunting moose. This is very important for hunter to analyse the situation before hunting for moose.

Rifle hunting is quite common with modern hunters. However, if you are looking to challenge your hunting capabilities further while adding to the thrill, why not try bow hunting?

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Bow hunting has been taking place since early civilization. Bow and arrow was the go-to weapon during ancient wars. It was also one of the standard tools for ancient hunters and gatherers. Over the years, rifle hunting and modern archery have replaced bow hunting. While the end result may seem the same, the experience is nowhere near. Whereas a rifle is relatively easy to use, the same cannot be said about bow hunting. If you are looking for the extra thrill, why not drop your compound bow and experiment with a recurve bow?

Whereas a recurve bow almost resembles the traditional bow, do not underestimate its capabilities. The power and range it delivers is immense and comes in handy while hunting game. A recurve may not be as easy to use as the compound bow, but with enough practice, it is an enjoyable hunting tool and brings in a whole new experience to the entire hunting game.

If you are convinced to go bow hunting, why not try hunting down a moose? An encounter with a moose will give you quite an adrenaline rush. The fact that you have to get quite close to the animal before going in for the kill only adds to the excitement. It takes skill and patience to get close enough to take a fatal shot. For a novice bow hunter, this moment is usually life-altering. The excitement is, however, not any less even for an experienced hunter.

Preparing for a Moose Hunt when Bowhunting Moose With A Recurve Bow

Before taking up the challenge to go hunting a moose with a recurve bow, you need to consider several factors. The most critical factor that determines your success as a bow hunter is your equipment. There are many variations of the recurve bow. Getting one that you are comfortable with, and that suits your needs is key to enjoying your whole experience. One must also equip themselves with suitable arrows to go hand in hand with the bow. Additionally, get the right hunting gear and camping equipment if you intend to camp out during your hunt.

Besides the hunting and survival gear, other considerations are factored in during preparations. The location is a crucial factor to the success of your hunt. Your choice of a hunting spot should take into consideration factors such as the habitat, the season in that region, and the laws of the land. Some countries and states only give hunting licenses during a specific season.

Spotting a Moose

Once you have decided to go bow hunting a moose, the first challenge you will encounter is spotting the moose. To easily locate one, you first have to understand their behavior and habits. For instance, moose are shy creatures and thrive in low traffic areas. Understanding their feeding habits will also help you identify the areas they may frequent. Once this is done, it helps you narrow down your search area and increases your chances of coming across your prey.

Upon sighting your target animal, the next course of action is planning the takedown. As you plan the hunt, keep in mind the strength of your shot and the range of your recurve bow. For a fatal shot, you have to be within a reasonable distance to enable you to hit the animal’s vitals. Hitting the vitals gives you a faster and humane kill. Remember, spotting a kill is the easy part. You may have to stalk your moose, or even lie in wait for several hours. There are two main styles most hunters use when bow hunting for moose.

Still Hunting

Unlike the name suggests, still hunting involves sneaking around undetected while stalking your moose. When using a recurve bow, the ideal fatal range for moose hunting is between 20-30 yards. As much as you depend on the forest cover to move around undetected, you also have to be smart and patient about it. Generally, moose have very poor eyesight. However, this is easily compensated for by their high sense of smell and hearing. While they may not see you properly, they can smell you from a distance.

To be successful in still hunting, you need to be quite aware of the direction of the wind. Using wind checkers can make this quite easy for you. While hunting, you should always walk facing the wind such that your scent is blown away from the target and not towards it. Additionally, you can use scent masking sprays. If the moose does not pick your scent, then your chances of making a successful kill are significantly increased.

Stand Hunting

Stand hunting is quite a challenge, yet may not require much of your input. For starters, it involves standing out of a ground blind and waiting for the moose to come towards you. As much as you don’t have to walk and crawl around stalking the moose, it requires a lot of patience to stand still and wait.

The best approach is to set your trap, which in this case is the blind on a natural trail frequently used by moose. To increase your chances of a successful hunt, you can call the moose. There are several ways hunters use to draw the animals. Calling moose is often most effective during the rut. Moose calls attract the animals since they interpret the calls as coming from another animal calling it to mate. The calls vary depending on whether you are targeting a male or a female moose.


All said and done it is upon you to choose which method you think will work best for you. Ensure you also plan on how to preserve the meat before embarking on the hunt. All in all, hunting a moose using a recurve bow will prove to be a worthwhile adventure.