Bowhunting Mule Deer With Recurve Bow

How To Bowhunting Mule Deer With Recurve Bow

Introduction Bowhunting Mule Deer With Recurve Bow

A recurve bow is the most famous traditional bow that you can own. The reflect design allows the bow to shoot arrows at a very rapid pace. The large equipment makes the bow stable, and the vibration of the bow does not hurt your hand. This article will explains about how to bowhunting mule deer with recurve bow. It should be noted here that this article will provide the steps that you must take when bowhunting mule deer using recurve bow.

A recurve bow is an excellent instrument for beginners. This is because it is easier to shoot, and there is a lot of attached accessories that can make your experience better.

Recurve Bow Features

A recurve bow is excellent for hunting. But it needs to be quiet. Few things are as upsetting as when your bow is loud and scares the animal away. All of the efforts have been lost. As such, it is of the essence that you chose a bow that minimizes noise that can scare animals away.

Recurve bows are very quiet and reliable. Keep in mind that if you are aiming to shoot in close quarters, you should get a scent eliminator. As such, you will not be discovered.

Ensure that the draw weight of your bow is accurate. It should have drawing strength of at least 40 pounds. This is because as you hunt, it is essential that your arrow pierces the prey and penetrates the body deeply.

If you are further than 15 yards away and the bo is not substantial enough, you will injure the animal. Chances are also that it will run away and suffer a cruel death.

It is also crucial that the draw weight is one that you can handle when hunting. You need to hold for a minute before firing your shot, and you don’t want your body to get too sore or tired. If you get fatigued, you might start to shake, and you will not be able to aim appropriately.

This video taken from explain regarding bowhunting mule deer with recurve bow

If you are new to the bow and arrow world, go for 40 to 45 pounds in draw weight. If you have the experience go for 45 plus pounds and if you’re a teen stick to a solid 40 – work your way up, there’s plenty of time.

A recurve bow should be long, at least 58 inches. The length is measured from tip to tip of the recurve bow.

Consider who you are hunting when Bowhunting Mule Deer With Recurve Bow

With a 40 pound bow, you are sure to kill rabbits, turkey, and deer from 30 yeards. But the same will not work if you are hunting a bear or elk.

When hunting deer, you should see mock scrapes. The territorial signs identify a buck home. It is used to get deer agitated and patrol their neighborhoods. Place the moc scrapes in edges, travel, and funnels.

You can make mock scrape by using a shovel to remove leaf cover, add a small amount of buck urine to the exposed soil. Then go back to scratch every few days to ensure that it is fresh. Once the buck discovers the mock scrape, they will do the maintaining.

Another tip is to use a trail camera. Put it out a few months in advance and identify the primary hunting locations. The downside with this tip is that you have to go and get them. And it is of the essence that you do not leave your scent or run into a deer when doing so. A solution to this is using wireless trail cameras so that you do not have to go into the woods.

Using an acorn is excellent to trigger a feeding frenzy. Deer are drawn to this between July and September. This is because they are in the process of building fat reserves for the winter. Acorns are full of protein and fat. As such, it is a great ploy to lure deer.

the more concealment you have, the better it is. Ensure that you are wearing camouflaged clothing and stand by a tree or bushes to avoid the deer from noticing your presence. Standing by a tree will also shelter you from harsh winds.

Here’s an interesting tip that you might not have considered before going out to hunt.wash your hunting clothes in non-scented detergent. Don’t get dressed in your hunting clothes until you are at the location. As such, they will not pick up scents from your home.

Before you head out hunting check out aerial photos. You don’t need to invest in a plane for this activity to be feasible. Check out google maps of the area. As such, you can make more accurate predictions and lay out your route and techniques before heading out. The more information that you have, the better prepared you will be, and the higher the likelihood is that you will have a successful hunt.

If it is raining or might start to rain, use a piece of electrical tape over the end of the barrel. This will keep out the moisture from the rain. Don’t worry about the shoot. You can do it through the tape when it is time to make the shot. As such, you will ensure that your final draw will be successful. Or at least that the rain won’t be the reason you failed to aim.

Benefits of hunting mule deer with recurve bow

There are health benefits when it comes to archery. It is a sport, and as such, there are health benefits that you might not have realized. First of all, it can improve your overall focus. There are three things that you need to pay attention to. The target, your form, and ignoring distractions.

hunting mule deer with a recurve bow can also increase your strength. When hunting, you are using your upper body to hold up the recurve bow. As such, you are working out the core using arms, chest, and shoulders. The stronger you get, the longer you will be able to hold the bow. This will increase your chances of successfully hunting deer.

It should come as no surprise that it also burns calories. Even though you are mostly just standing in the same location, you are burning more calories than you might have thought! In half an hour, you are burning 140 calories on average. If you want to get in shape, this is an excellent sport for you.

That’s all you need to know about how to hunt mule deer with a recurve bow! Keep in mind that safety is also key, and don’t forget to have fun!