3 Tips on How To Bowhunting With Both Eyes Open

Introduction Bowhunting with both eyes open

This article will explains about how to bowhunting with both eyes open and that is very important skills that you must master when hunting in the jungle. Hunting with both eyes opens can helps you hunting more effectively and helps in survival your life span. There are many dangerous animal in the jungle and you must understand that if you have problems with your eyes it will effect your hunting experience.

One of the most interesting and intuitive sports today is archery. It requires you to shoot a specific target with your bow and arrow. It is very important to aim accurately so that you can hit the target.

The process of aiming is both an art and a science. Some people rely on their instinct and experience to aim correctly. On the other hand, others use mathematical and scientific guidelines to hit the target. Both types face a similar challenge, shooting with both eyes open. They often fight the instinct to close one eye while aiming at a target. This often results in inaccurate shots. To avoid this, here is how to archery with both eyes open.

Understand that your vision is better when Bowhunting with both eyes open

Human beings are binocular in nature. We have spent our lives observing and understanding images using both of our eyes. This gives us a wide field of view. It also enables us to experience a depth of vision. By doing so, we are able to control our visual focal point. This means that you will be able to see better with both your eyes open. Since the objective of archery is to match an arrow with the target, seeing accurately is supremely necessary.

Begin by squinting your non-dominant eye

If you are already used to shooting with one eye closed, it is possible to transition quite easily into having both of them open. Simply squint the eye which is not dominant as you shoot. This allows you to have the dominant eye open and the subservient eye half open. In doing so, you still have a chance to hit the target because your dominant eye is wide open. Furthermore, your subservient one is half closed. You can gradually open it up a little more over time. This enables you to get used to opening both eyes at the same time as you shoot.

Facilitate yourself with ample light when Bowhunting with both eyes open

Having both of your eyes open allows enough light to flow into your eyes. This plays a big role in enhancing your ability to see in situations of low-light. While aiming at a target, it is advisable to have as much light as possible flowing into your eyes. This enables you to see the target clearly. This is especially important if you are shooting at dusk. When there is low ambient light, you should not close one eye. This gravely limits your ability to see the target. As such, open both eyes while shooting so that you can furnish your eyes with a maximum amount of light. This dramatically boosts your chances of hitting the target.

Blink to eliminate multiple images when Bowhunting with both eyes open

Sometimes, you may see multiple images of your target when shooting with both eyes open. This is known as diplopia. It is caused by having both eyes focused on the same point for a long period of time. It is also caused by not blinking your eyes. If your eyes lose moisture while aiming, this can cause you to see multiple images concurrently. Therefore, as you aim with both eyes open, blink a bit right before you take the shot. This revitalizes your eyes with moisture, sharpens the image that you see and allows you to shoot accurately.

Use both of your eyes to line up the arrows

Many archers around the world are not able to maintain accurate sight at all times. This causes them to shoot arrows slightly above, below or to either side of the target. This gets worse if you shoot with one eye closed. You can correct this situation by adjusting your sight.

If you notice that your arrows are flying to the right of the target, you can adjust your sight a little to the left. The opposite is also applicable. If your arrows are landing higher than the target, shoot a little lower. Do the opposite if the arrows are landing lower than the target. This compensates for the inaccuracy and assists you to hit the target directly. By keeping both of your eyes open, you can calculate the angle and length of adjustment during this process.

Practice with both the compound and the recurve bows

In archery, you can choose to use a recurve or a compound bow. The latter provides you with more control over your power while shooting the arrow. This is because it has built-in facilities which prevent you from overdrawing. On the other hand, the recurve bow enables you to create the right form and stance that’s required for accurate shooting. For you to settle into shooting with both eyes open, it is necessary to practice shooting on both types of bows. Use the recurve bow to perfect your stance with both eyes open and revert to the compound one so as to identify your most ideal power level. This enables you to shoot naturally with your eyes open using any type of bow.

Open both eyes so that you can hit a moving target

You are able to see a wide field of view when you open both eyes while shooting an arrow. As a result of this, you can actually shoot a moving target. If you close one eye, the open one is focused purely on the current position of the target. If there is some movement of the target into the side of your closed eye, you will lose sight of it. Hence, you’ll be shooting blind. Therefore, it is necessary and crucial to keep both eyes open as you shoot the arrow. This keeps you covered in case the target moves into your blind side.

◦ Keeping your eyes open can help you to achieve instinctive shooting

Some archers are able to shoot and hit their targets instinctively. They spend less than a second aiming before letting the arrow fly. This level of proficiency allows them to have a high shot per second speed. While instinctive shooting is based mostly on muscle memory and experience, a wide field of view plays a huge role. Therefore, it is necessary to keep both eyes open as you shoot your arrows. It can help you to develop the skill of instinctive shooting quicker.


The debate on whether to have one or both eyes open has raged in the world archery for a long time. However, many professional hunters and archers agree that it is better to have both eyes open. There are many visual advantages of this type of shooting. Use these guidelines to learn how to archery with both eyes open. This will gradually transform you into a champion archer!

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