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Understand on How to Build a Bowfishing Boat?

Introduction How to Build a Bowfishing Boat

Bowfishing is a beautiful activity to relax and spend quality time with yourself, family, or friends. It allows you to capture fish for a delicious meal. In addition, it can also enhance your archery skills. This article will explain about How to Build a Bowfishing Boat that is important for bow fisher when wanting bow fishing at the lake or ocean.

How to Build a Bowfishing Boat

  • Prepare your deck
  • Hunting light
  • Know your boat bow fishing
  • Convertor or generator 
  • Wiring your boat to bow fishing
  • Ensure your safety
  • Prepare for the worst-case scenario

Bowfishing can be a fun activity for people of all ages. However, you need to have the best gear and equipment to make the best of your bowfishing habit. 

Among the essential equipment you need is a bowfishing boat. Do you want to know how to build a bowfishing boat? Read further.

The Deck on build on bow fishing boat

The deck is the most important part of the bowfishing boat. It is an elevated shooting platform. In building your bowfishing boat, you must consider the size, weight, shape, rail, and height of your deck. This boat is considered a tank during World War II. It is temporarily used in floating half-pontoons or floating bridges. It is the ideal platform to build because it comes with flat bottom construction. It can draft in about 6 inches of water while offering you an efficient, stable platform. 

In-deck framing, you can prefer for steel and aluminum construction. Aluminum is the most advisable material for constructing a bowfishing boat. It is lighter compared to steel. You must also have a clear design of the boat in your mind. You can also use aluminum or plywood for the actual decking. 

The shooting deck must have a vantage point to see deep and farther into the water. You can elevate the shooting platform around 8 inches about the gunnels. With it, you can have a better platform and focus more on your shooting. Thus, there’s not much refraction at the steeper shooting angle. Even more important, it can enable you to mount the lights beneath the deck. 


Another important thing to consider is the lights. There are many options for the lights of your bowfishing boat. You can choose among LEDs, high pressure sodium, metal halides or halogens. The most popular ones are LED and HPS. In addition to the type of lights, you must also consider its voltage. You can pick among 24 volts, 12 volts, and 120 volts. If you choose the LED, you can have more lumens per watt of the input. Make sure to choose the lights that fit your needs. 


Another important factor in building your bowfishing boat is the wiring. You must be careful to ensure your safety. You must be familiar with OHM’s law when it comes to your wiring decisions. In case you forgot, volts x amps = watts. Moreover, you must also take note that amps = watts/volts or volts = watts/ amps. This can help to identify the size of the wire. 

You can consider 24-volt operation for your boat since it comes with higher voltages that can safely push more electrons in a smaller wire. If safety is your concern, it is a good idea to protect your circuits using a circuit breaker. Your voltage decision can be affected by the voltage of the trolling motor that you plan to use. Parallel vs. circuit, you must take note that your bowfishing lights must be wired in parallel to ensure that every light comes with the right input voltage. 

Parallel wiring needs more wire to make sure that the devices come with a similar input voltage. With this, you don’t have to reduce the voltage since the electricity flows on the circuit. When it comes to your boat building project, you must also consider how to control the power or lights. You can make separate circuits for the bow/ stern and inboard deck lights and others for your bowfishing lights. It is also beneficial to choose a low voltage LED lighting for illuminating the shooting deck as well as the walkways inside the boat. With that, you can safely move around your bowfishing boat. 

Convertor or generator 

You must also consider the generator or convertor of your bowfishing boat. Running your generator or convertor can depend on the number of lights and wattage you go with and how it is wired. You must also choose a generator that suits your needs and budget. Make sure to consider your safety when it comes to choosing your equipment. 

Ensure your safety with your bowfishing boat

Your safety is very important for your bowfishing passion. Make sure to take safety precautions to prevent possible problems that may arise in the future. More importantly, you can also ensure to have a thrilling and fun catching of face without worrying about your safety. 

In building a bowfishing boat, you must take note to have a reliable power, stable platform, platform that is high for a better view of water and silence of an electric trolling motor. To sum it up, your bowfishing boat is an essential feature for your passion for bowfishing passion. However, you must still prioritize your safety. Make sure to check the wiring of your boat for your peace of mind. Also, it is a good idea to bring the right safety items in case of an emergency. You can use it while onboard in case of fire. 

You must bring with you fire extinguishers as well as flotation devices like type IV throwable and life jackets. It is also highly recommended to bring a sound-producing device if ever you need help from someone. You must remember that it is an advantage if you work on wiring near the water. You must make sure to have lights surrounding your deck for illuminating the whole waterway and your target fish. 

To make a successful bowfishing boat building project, you must consider the tips mentioned above. It can be helpful for you to have a reliable bowfishing boat you can use for relaxing while catching fish for food. You can also spend quality time with your loved ones without worrying about your safety. Having a tough bowfishing boat can be your best partner to make the best of your fishing habit.