how to hunt alligators at night

Understand about How to hunt alligators at night

Introduction How to hunt alligators at night

Alligators are freshwater carnivorous reptiles that are large and scary. They belong to the crocodilian genus. The records show they can grow to up to 12 feet, living in marshes, lakes, and rivers. This article explain How to hunt alligators at night that is important for hunters when want to hunt at the lake or jungle.

How to hunt alligators at night

  • Prepare special gear and equipment
  • Bow and arrow Hook and line Firearm
  • Prepare for the Hook
  • Prepare for the tough Line
  • Shoot the target
  • Aim the target carefully
  • Protect yourself

Hunting alligators is very challenging and must be carefully to avoid any damages for your or your partner during the hunts. It should be noted here that when want want to hunting animals you must know and understand about the safety and must take a good measure to prevent any bad damage to you and your body.

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When you want to hunt alligators you must know and aware that alligator is very dangerous animals and must of the alligators they are aggressive during the night and carefully planning is important.

Hunting alligator will required a speacial gear and equipment such as crossbow, gun, hunting knife, rope, torchlight, baits and other hunting equipment that you think necessary for you.

The adult alligators are either dark brown or black, with its undersides either whitish or yellowish.

The Southern states of Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Alabama have licenses that allow for the hunting, capturing, and killing of alligators. The permits go for $52. The circumstances of the hunt dictate the hunting method or combination of methods used.

How to hunt alligators at night?

You can only hunt down an alligator at night using

Bow and arrow Hook and line Firearm

The guide uses a q-beam to spot the gator’s eyes. The trophy, according to the hunters, is a bigger gator catch. The gator’s size is determined by measuring the space between the gator’s eyes. The largest gator has the biggest separation.

Hunting gators takes time, so you will need to be patient. Pay special attention to the position of the gator as a still gator will have its body the level of the head showing on the surface. Swimming gators are the easiest to take a shot at.

Avoid going for a gator hunt when there is a full moon as they will quickly locate you. Avoid also interrupting the q-beam light as it is cast on the gator, as this will also make the gator spot you.

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Hunting alligators with a bow and arrow?

This is one of the most challenging gator hunting methods, also referred to as alligator bow fishing. It tests your marksman skills and comes with a high adrenaline rush. Bows and crossbows are mainly custom to a hunter, and they are not available for loan.

One person or your guide with the q-beam shines it on the gator.

Make sure your string is not tangledAim with their bow and arrow With the beam’s light directly fixed on the gator’s eyes, draw your bow, and check your string for slack. Squeeze off and release the arrow, which goes with the long string.

Shot placement is critical as you release the arrow and put a harpoon into the gatorFor proper penetration, focus on the gator’s body or back, not the head. As the gator takes off, follow the buoy and ease up on it, then pull the gator in. Before you pull in the gator, make sure it is dead. Then use electrical tape to tape its mouth, then pull it into the boat.

Firearm hunting

To hunt gators with a firearm, you will need loads of patients in stalking them. This can be challenging even for the most experienced of the marksmen. Alligator hunting can be done all year round in Florida. There are hunting loaner guns available for those that are not able to bring their own.

This method of firing shots in open waters is not very recommended. Recovery of the shot gator can also pose a challenge, as the mashes are wide and bayous.

Hook and Line

Most gator hunters use hook and line hunting methods. A sturdy hook and a line are secured to a pole or a tree, and baited with a chicken or fish. The hunter will then return later when the gator takes the bait, draw the gator in, and then using a shotgun to dispatch it. This hunting method makes the recovery of the gator easy.


Alligators have sharp eyesight at night and very conscious of their surroundings. It is, therefore, advisable to wear clothing that blends effortlessly with the environment. Usually, gator hunts will take 3-4 hours but can go longer into the night. It is therefore recommended that you keep your cool, be patient, and enjoy your gator hunting adventure.