hunt raccoons at night

Know and Understand about How to Hunt Raccoons at Night-5 Important Criteria the hunters must know

Introduction How to Hunt Raccoons at Night

Are you going hunting for raccoons and are planning on doing it at night or not having success with getting raccoons? Don’t worry, you will get those raccoons after this article. This article will explain about hunt raccoons at night that you can use as the guideline when want to hunt for raccoons at the night and can know about it when you hunting in the jungle.

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How to Hunt Raccoons at Night

  • Know the Environment
  • Hunting Lights
  • Hunting Calls
  • Hunting Knife
  • Hunting Gear
  • Hunting Backpack
  • Hunting Boots
  • Camping Tent
  • Hunting with dogs
  • Trapping

In this article, we will be going over how to catch raccoons with certain equipment along with good places to find raccoons, how to track them, and how to hunt for them without a dog.How to Hunt Raccoons at Night:

If you want to get raccoons at night and be successful during your hunt, follow these stepsGetting the Proper Gear:

The Coon Hunting Gear: You want to get the proper gear before you go hunting for raccoons. Gear that is used specifically for coon hunting includes these tools:

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Night Hunting Lights

Since coons are nocturnal, you need a good light source. These lights can help you with spotting the raccoon before shooting it.Boot Waders: Boots are essential when hunting for any animal. Get ones that are high enough that you won’t get dirt/mud in your boots.Coon Squall Call: There are hunting calls that you can get for an animal you are getting. Buy one of these hunting calls for coons.

When you use it, you will agitate or rouse the animal from its hiding spot.GPS Tracking Device: Along with a tracking collar that you use for your hunting dogs, you want to get a GPS as this can track where your dog went. It not only helps with tracking your canines, but you can also find your car after you finish hunting.Hunting Knife and Multi-Tool:

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After obtaining your animal, you would need to use the knife. As for the multi-tool, this can help make repairs to your equipment.Spots for Raccoons:

Along with finding the best gear for hunting raccoons, you also need to know the right locations for raccoon hunting. This is the hardest part as hunting grounds are becoming scarce, especially in urban areas. The best advice to overcome an obstacle like this is to join your local coon hunting community.

Why you want to hunt?

The benefits of this are that you can get contacts from other coon hunters along with the ability to participate in hunting competitions and teaching others to hunt.

You can also ask landowners if you can have permission to hunt, just remember to be a responsible, respectable hunter.

Tracking/Treeing Coons:

If you want to know how to track a coon, you want to get a scouting camera. By using the scouting camera, you will be able to get photos of coons. Once you get enough pics, ask yourself how the coon will act according to the weather/season conditions.

As for treeing coons, your dog will chase the coon until it is up a tree. Once it is up at a tree, use the coon light to track it. After that, take your shot!

Hunting Without a Dog

Don’t have a hunting dog? You can still hunt for coons without a dog by doing these three tips;

Field Hunt

To do this, you want to use the coon call to attract a coon. Once you hear movement, use the light. Coons typically look at the light. You can also use electronic calls by downloading a prerecorded sound a coon if you can’t afford a coon call.


This is the best option if you don’t want to hunt in the woods.

To trap a coon, you want to get the food they will like which includes hot dogs, fruit, sardines, or cat food.

Hillbilly Hunt when want hunt raccoons at night

For this, you want to get a bait that smells bad as this can draw raccoons out. The only downside with this method is that it can take a while for a coon to come out.

Conclusion when hunt raccoons at night

So there you go, here are the ways on how to get a raccoon at night. You want to get the right necessities right like the tools, the spots, and the advice on what to do with tracking and hunting coon without a dog. With these tips, you should be able to get the coons. So get hunting!

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