How To Hunting Elk With Recurve Bow

Introduction Hunting Elk With Recurve Bow

Hunting is being practiced for a long time by humans. There is nothing wrong in hunting because it helps in controlling wildlife populations. People do hunting for various purposes. Some do it for fun while most of the people do it to survive and get food. It requires a lot of effort in hunting and when you are bow hunting an animal like elk then you have to increase the efforts. Bow hunting is quite popular in some parts of the US and Canada.

Elks are also called as Wapiti and it belongs to the deer family. It is known as one of the largest species present in the deer family. Bow hunting an elk is a hard and challenging task. You will need to have some patience for successful hunting. The selection of the right bow is the most important step before you start to think about hunting. There are varieties of bows like takedown, compound, long, yumi etc. But are they perfect for bow hunting? The best choice a hunter can make is choosing a recurve bow. There is a pistol-style grip which makes it easier to handle and shoot Elks. Also, it is widely popular among hunters so this would be perfect for you.

Hunting Elks with Recurve Bow

Recurve bows are easy to shoot and fast. Make sure that the bow should not weigh more than 5lbs. The first step towards hunting begins from planning. Without planning, nobody can hunt successfully. Whether you will require an outfitter or you will hunt with your friends or family members? Take the right decisions. Choose the licensed outfitter and do a proper investigation on him. Don’t do the mistake of trusting him blindly. Before going to hunt, check if you have taken all the necessary equipment. If you are a beginner, then you need to practice first.

There are certain ways and tips given below that should be followed while bow hunting with recurve bow.

Check your Recurve bow

1) Your recurve bow must be a silent killer. It must not produce unnecessary voice. Your prey can easily run away after listening to the sound of drawing the string on your bow. Thus, it will result in the wastage of time. I hope you have understood why it is important to choose the right bow. Recurve bows are specially designed and specifically made from silent materials so you don’t have to worry. Moreover, you have to be physically strong and mentally prepared to shoot at the right time. Elks live in a forest and forest-edge habitat so it is essential for you to be physically fit.

Drawing Weight For Bow Hunting When Hunting elk with Recurve Bow

2) Drawing weight also matters when it comes to bow hunting. A hunter should choose the bow having the drawing strength of more than 40lbs. This helps to kill your prey easily. With this drawing strength, the bow will pierce elk’s body and go deep into it. This drawing weight is suitable for every male hunter. If you think you are too strong and can handle more drawing weight then it’s fine. You can go for recurve bows having more drawing weights. For a beginner, a recurve bow with 40-45 lbs of drawing weight is right.

Check Your Equipment

3) Elk hunters can increase their chance of success by trying to comprehending elk’s language like High-pitched bugle, Glunking, Whiny squeak, etc. Experienced hunters always use bugle to find herds on public land. This is one of the best methods to locate the distant herds of elks. Getting too closer to them isn’t your cup of tea. Keep at least a distance of 20 yards to shoot effectively.

Long Recurve Bow

4) Long recurve bows play a significant role in hunting. When the length of the bow is longer, the accuracy of your shots are higher. The length of your recurve bow must be greater than 58 inches. The longer it is, the better it is for you.


5) An experienced hunter knows how difficult it is to transport 60+ inches of bow safely. Sometimes limbs of the bow bent and it can even break. You have to be careful about transporting. Thus, ease of transport is important and must be considered a factor here.

Hide Your Scent When Hunting Elk with Recurve Bow

6) Stay away from the use of scents that ruin your hunting game. Using an elk scent imitator will bring elks closer to you. You can also use unscented soaps and shampoo. If you like to apply deodorant them make sure it is unscented.

Finding Right Location When hunting Elk with Recurve Bow

7) Standing at the right place at the right time will increase your chances of hunting the Elk. Know the terrain quite well even when you know every corner of that area. Wilds of elk country experience frequent changes due to tree-falls. Find the places where you can hide yourself. Visit the hunting place before Elks reach.

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Shooting at the right time

8) Be prepared to shoot at the right time. Have patience for the right time to come and then shoot the Elk. It would be hard to make the bow insert into the vital organs while attacking from the front.

Practice Made Perfect

9) Apart from all these tips and methods, practicing is the most important thing. Because of this, you will not miss your shoot. Practice shooting in different positions and places. Stand on knee and practice shooting with your archery equipment. Shoot while hiding behind the branches and bush. The more you practice, the more you will get perfect in shooting Elks.

Use Your Sense When hunting elk with recurve bow

10) Learn to find Elks. You have to use your ears, eyes, and nose. Try to listen to Elks from a distance as mentioned in the third point. It’s up to you how you tackle the herds. If they will run away then you have to wait for another day.

Even an experienced hunter fails a lot of time. Beginners should not try to give up while hunting. There are plenty of things to learn. Also, September is the best month to do bow hunting Elk. Undoubtedly, if you love hunting then this recurve bow will enhance your joy of hunting. Wanna try hunting with recurve bow in the upcoming September?