How To Hunting Wild Boar With Recurve Bow

Introduction Hunting Wild Boar With Recurve Bow

There will never be a good reason to hunt other than the fact that we are all descendants of a generation of good and skilled hunters. Hunting is a fundamental survival instinct that has kept humans alive and fed for thousands of years. This article will explains about how to hunting wild boar with recurve boar. There are many techniques that you must understand when hunting wild boar using recurve boar. It is very important to know what is the best technique to hunting wild boar with recurve bow.

Many bowhunters enjoy the deer season for different reasons; can be because of the meat packed adventure or mostly the thrill and the challenge a deer poses during a hunt. But when the deer hunting season is over, where do you direct your thirst for hunting game?

This video taken from explain regarding hunting wild boar using recurve bow

The good news, there is an alternative for deer hunting that does not include fishing. This is wild boar hunting. The even better news is that wild boars can be hunted all year round without any state limitations. In fact, most states encourage the hunt of wild boars because of their destructive nature and rapidly increasing population.

hunting wild boar is not the same as hunting deer, different methods are used. While hunting wild boars is simpler, straying from these methods will guarantee little success.

Kill your scent

Wild boars have a very good sense of smell; their priced sensory organ is the nose. Once the wind carries your smell, they are gone. As you set up for a hunting position, ensure that the wind doesn’t give your position away. Whatever method you use will be ineffective if the wild boar catches your scent. Whether it is in a stand, a blind or stalking, the wind is not your friend.

As a precaution avoid walking across the trail you expect wild boars to come from, this will only spook them and make them head in the opposite direction. Wild boars always check the air for scents before entering any territory to feed.

To avoid losing on your prey consider a scent eliminator. You can opt for the spray scent eliminator or the electronic scent eliminator.

Most people also find a wind checker very useful in making the wind act in their favor.

Know that Wild boars are nocturnal

Wild boars have adapted to years of being hunted by humans by simply becoming nocturnal feeders. As a result, humans have also shifted from hunting wild boars during the day to hunting them at night.

On principle, wild boars are color blind to green and red light. In most states hunting of wild boars using light is permitted. Wild boar will not detect green light and will continue feeding giving you enough time to pick your spot and hit the target.

A tactical light kit will come in handy during a hunt but are often expensive. If you have an ordinary flashlight you can cut the cost of buying light equipment by getting a green light filter or film to cover your flashlight.

Locate Wild boar locations

Wild boar movements are often influenced by hunting pressure and food sources. Stay away from their bedding areas and trails leading to their feeding zones. Pressure from hunters have made them intelligent and are easily spooked. Once spooked they are unlikely to return to that area of feeding or bedding anytime soon. Making a tree stand or blind in these areas will most likely fail.

Prepare Your Equipment When Hunting Wild Boar With Recurve Bow

Bow hunting is a skill for the true hunter and nothing defines the true image of a hunter than a hunter hunting with a recurve bow. A recurve bow is also called a traditional bow. It has a simple yet effective design that has proved significant success to all the generation of hunters.

When choosing a bow for hunting wild boar, both the compound bow and the recurve bow can hunt successfully.

Why you should choose a recurve bow for wild boar hunting?

  • This is for the traditional hunting enthusiast. For many years the traditional bow has featured only the wooden stick for the bow body and a single string. Modern versions have since shifted from wood to fiberglass for increased durability and strength.
  • Recurve bows are easier to carry and lighter. Modern recurve bows are called takedown recurve bows because of the ability to take it apart while in transit. This makes it easy to fit in a backpack.
  • It is easier to repair and maintain a recurve bow because of its simple design. There is no difficulty in stringing or unstringing a recurve bow. A recurve bow will, therefore, last longer on a hunting trip and require less effort to repair in case it gets damaged.
  • Whereas it is characteristic of recurve bows to have a draw weight that cannot be adjusted, modern designs allow you to change the limbs of your recurve bow. You can alter the draw weight by increasing or decreasing it using different limb sizes.
  • Mechanical broadheads are the preferred arrow choice for wild boars because they open up to 2 inches. Even the simplest shot can be fatal. Using the right arrow tip will help penetrate the boar’s thick layer of fat and skin.

Ultimately when out hunting wild boars, placement of shots is what separates all hunters. Wild boars have very thick skin and a heavy layer of fat. You should aim to hit the vital organs of your prey. Aim for the heart and lungs.

Good arrow placement is important in hunting any game. Skilled hunters know the anatomy of all the animals on their hunting radar. Nothing can beat experience.

It can be very difficult to track a wounded wild boar even if you are sure you have hit it. Because of the thick layer of fat, they take longer to bleed out and you may not find a trail of blood within your vicinity. To avoid missing out on a successful hunt, you can use a hunting dog to pick the trail of blood of the wounded wild boar.

To become an apex hunter, you should never sacrifice practice. Only practice builds accuracy. If you are just starting out as a bowhunter, it may be a while before you get your first kill. With enough practice, you will make each shot count when it matters most.