How to make bow and arrow for kids

How to Make a Bow and Arrow for Kids: 5 Important Tips

Introduction How to Make a Bow and Arrow for Kids

Imaginative role-play is one of the best ways to keep children thoroughly entertained and there is almost no prop as iconic and suited for this as the bow and arrow. This article will explain How To Make A Bow And Arrow For Kids that you can use as the guideline when you want to make a bow and arrow.

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How to Make a Bow and Arrow for Kids

  • Prepare your materials
  • Material from wood, PVC or any types of material
  • Find all the resources online
  • Update your knowledge
  • Assembling Bow and Arrow for Kids
  • Finishing all the process

Get What You Need when want to create Bow and Arrow for Kids

Whether you have hyper-active rascals who want to play Robin Hood or simply want to make something for your child using your own two hands this DIY project of how to make a bow and arrow for kids will be a guaranteed success.

In order to make something that is fun to play with, works properly but is most importantly safe to use you will have to acquire some things. When you want to make bow and arrow for kids it should be noted here that you must always think about the safety and the outcome of the action. Creating a bow and arrow for kids should be a fun and engaging exercises that can help the children to learn the technique to create a bow and arrow.

As a parent, when you want to make a homemade crossbow or homemade compound for your kids, you must always think whether your action will give benefit or not.

You will need to get a PVC pipe, some cord, strong duct tape, a knife or mini-saw, glue, wooden dowels, a screw driver or a drill and eraser caps.

Assembling Bow and Arrow for Kids

In order to put together the bow you first have to drill some holes into your PVC pipe. Make sure you do this at an even distance from the end at both sides of your pipe, about 2cm inwards should be sufficient. You can do this step using a cross-head screwdriver but we would recommend using a drill. Then get your cord and thread it through on of the holes, securing it firmly.

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Next, you will have to bend the bow into the shape of a semi-circle by applying pressure to its center. Make sure you check your bow for any cracks so that when it is later placed under more pressure by drawing the arrows its structural integrity won’t fail. This is important to make sure your kids remain safe while playing. Lastly, while the bow is under pressure, take the other end of your cord and tie it through the second string hole. To finish your bow cut off any excess string and wrap some duct tape around the middle of your bow to act as your children’s future grip.

Making The Arrows

Get your wooden dowels and using either your mini saw or a knife make a groove in one end of the dowel. This will be the back of your arrow and will serve as a holder for the string on your bow, making it easier for a child to keep their arrows in place. Next, take your eraser caps and attach them to the other end of your wooden dowel. You can use the glue you have bought to fasten them to each other more securely. However, if your eraser caps are slightly too large and you cannot create a proper fit using just the glue, simply use your duct tape to tightly fasten them to one another.

Once the glue has dried you are ready to test your children’s bow and arrow. Simply line up a shot and see if you can, without too much effort, shoot an arrow a few meters. While this is a fun project for parents to undertake, children should not be allowed to handle dangerous materials. We suggest assembling the bow/arrows yourself and then decorating it with stickers or paint together with your child.


As ac conclusion this article explain How to Make a Bow and Arrow for Kids that is important for parent to learn and understand about technique when want to creating bow and arrow. Learning how to use bow and arrow is very important for the survival of children and they can learn the skills when they want to survive at the jungle.

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