How To Make A Conduit In Minecraft

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If you are playing Minecraft, you may already know about the different items you can craft yourself. This article explains How To Make A Conduit In Minecraft that you can use as the guideline when want to play Minecraft games in PS4 or Xbox that can provide you technique and guideline about it.

Each item has a recipe that you need to follow to make it appear in the crafting area.

When it comes to making a conduit in Minecraft, you also need the recipe of the same. First of all, you need to know what exactly it is, and then you need to learn the way to craft the same. Well, a conduit is an important item in your inventory as it is used to create the structure which provides conduit power effect to players.

The conduit can also do a handful of things that you may find nifty if you are fond of underwater play. Learn everything about conduit and then try to know about how to make it with ease.

In order to craft conduit in Minecraft, you require 8 nautilus shells and 1 heart of the sea. These are the main ingredients for the conduit Minecraft recipe. First of all, you need to gather these ingredients, and it is a challenging task. And then, you can make use of them perfectly to craft the item successfully.

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While playing Minecraft, you may find it difficult to gather the ingredients for the conduit Minecraft recipe. In order to make your task easier, you need to know where you can get these ingredients quickly. Most players are also unaware of the recipe for making conduits, so they should read all the instructions mentioned in the below post.

How To Make A Conduit In Minecraft: Minecraft Gear and Equipment

Tips to How To Make A Conduit In Minecraft

Before going to start the crafting process, you need to focus on collecting the ingredients as per the recipe. As you read earlier, you require only two types of ingredients – nautilus shells and the heart of the sea.  Most players are struggling with various problems while gathering these ingredients. If you also one of them, then you should check out the methods which have been explained below.

  • Heart of the sea

You should start searching for the heart of the sea as you only need one for making a conduit. It is a daunting task, so you need to put some extra effort into achieving your goal. You can find the heart of the sea only in buried treasure chests. Finding this chest is like you are finding a needle in a haystack. To ease up your task, you should get help from treasure maps. Make sure you keep checking on beaches by digging at a lot of sand. Once you find this ingredient, you can find the other one with ease.

  • Nautilus shells

Finding the nautilus shells is not as difficult as heart of the sea. You can easily get this ingredient by fishing. You can also try out another method, which is all about killing drowned. You can make choices yourself about which option you want to try to collect ingredients. Fishing is effective as well as the easiest method to get nautilus shells, but you can also try to get the shells from a wandering trader. No matter which method you are using, you need to collect 8 nautilus shells to get started with the crafting process.

Players should try to put their best possible efforts in order to collect the right ingredients so that they can take their steps forward and make a conduit in Minecraft.

The procedure of How To Make A Conduit In Minecraft

In order to start the process of making a conduit, you need to gather all the ingredients, as discussed above in the post. After this, it is not very simple to craft the item, but you can make it possible after knowing the instructions step by step. Here, we are going to discuss the procedure in a few easy steps to help beginners-

  1. Open your crafting table

In every crafting process of Minecraft, you need to open the crafting table so you should try to remember this thing. You should also do the same while going to make the conduit in Minecraft. Open your crafting table and get access to the crafting grid of 3×3. Make sure you are provided with the crafting area before going to move further.

  • Add items to the crafting grid

After having access to the crafting grid, you need to place the ingredients properly to make conduit, while arranging the ingredients in the crafting area, you need to take care of the pattern you are following. In the first row, you need to fill the first box of the row with a nautilus shell and the second one with the heart of the sea. Make sure you are also filling the third box with the shell. After this, you need to put the shells in the remaining rows of the crafting grid.

  • Move the item to inventory

If you have followed the second step properly, then you will be provided with the conduit in Minecraft. Never forget to save this new item to your inventory; otherwise, you are going to lose it. It is one of the most crucial steps of the entire procedure, so you shouldn’t forget about it.

With the help of taking all these steps into consideration, you can successfully make a conduit in Minecraft.


How to build conduit Minecraft?

Here is the steps to build conduit Minecraft.

  1. First, build conduit 3×3 Primarine frame.
  2. Next, Place a Primarine Block on top of the
  3. Then, place a conduit on top of Primarine Block
  4. After that, you must break the Primarine Block under the Conduit
  5. Next, you must add extra Primarine Layer around the Frame
  6. Lastly, add another Primarine Block to the outside layer.

What is conduit minecraft?

Conduit Minecraft is a beacon-like block that can provides conduit powers and provide extra protection against attack hostile mobs underwater. Conduits can be activated when there at least 16 block of primarine, dark primarine, primarine bricks or sea lanterns around the cube. It should be noted here that when conduit activated, it will opens and reveals the texture of the heart of sea in the middle.

Conduit Minecraft recipe

In the crafting menu, you should see a crafting area that is made up of a 3×3 crafting grid. To make a conduit, place 1 heart of the sea and 8 nautilus shells in the 3×3 crafting grid.


Minecraft offers several items and features that you can discover while playing the game. Conduit is also one of these items, and it is often used in a similar way to beacons. It helps players to get the conduit power status effect. If you have successfully made the conduit, then you will be provided with numerous benefits. It will increase your vision underwater and also kills aggro mobs in the range.

Players who are still unaware of how to make conduit in Minecraft should read the above post carefully. Make sure you are following all the instructions properly to make the conduit. One minor mistake may also create a lot of problems, so you need to be smart during the crafting process of conduit in Minecraft.

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