How To Make A Mini Crossbow

How To Make A Mini Crossbow: 8 Steps Strategy

How to Make A Mini Crossbow

Crossbows were invented in 700BC by a Chinese dynasty name Zhou. This article explains How to Make A Mini Crossbow that important for hunters to learn and know when want to start the hunt for animals when there are in the jungle.

A horizontally mounted bow has stock and triggers. Over time, crossbow evolved. The crossbow is now widely used for target practice, hunting, and competitive sports game. 

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It has also become a source of entertainment for many. Ready-made crossbows are available online and in several physical stores. There are also mini versions of crossbows available, which you can buy and have fun. We have come up with various techniques, which will help you in building your mini crossbows. You will need a few items, which will be easily available at your home.

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You can make crossbows with pencils, paper, wood, etc. Even though these crossbows are not as sturdy as metal crossbows, you can still have fun. They are easy to make, so you can rebuild your mini crossbow anytime you want. In this article, we will show how to make a mini crossbow by using a Popsicle stick and a bottle cap.  

Step 1:

 To make this cross, you require a basic plastic bottle cap. The cap should be made of soft material, which will help you to slit through the bottle cap using a flathead screwdriver. In advance, try to have back up of these caps, in case you mess up in your first try. 

Step 2:

Put the bottle cap down on the table in a way that its top is in an upward direction. Try to stick a screwdriver vertically from one side under the cap through the other side. Make sure the two holes that screwdriver will make should be closer to the rim. 

Step 3:

Turn the cap, and you would see that there is a hole on the left and right side of the bottle cap. There is no hole at the front of the bottle cap. Make sure all the holes you make should be wide enough to fir a Popsicle stick. 

 Step 4:

Now make similar kinds of holes from the front using a screwdriver. You will make holes at a 90° angle to the previously made holes. Get your screwdriver through the front to the back. These holes should be slightly higher than the previous holes. 

Step 5:

Take two popsicles sticks and fit it through these holes. One for left and right side holes, and other for front and backside holes. Underneath the cap, you would see the sticks are making a plus sign. 

Step 6:

 Keep the cap down on the table with its top upward. Make another pair of small holes towards the upward direction (high up on sides). 

Step 7:

Take a wide sturdy rubber band, and place it above the cap and sticks. Pull the lower end of the rubber band against the left arm and repeat the same process with the right. Do this until the band is tight. 

Step 8:

 Take a cotton swab and stick through the holes, which are above from the plus sign. Pull back on rubber in a way that your thumb is holding rubber as well as a swab. Hold tightly and release; your mini crossbow is ready!