How To Moose Hunting With

Introduction Moose Hunting With Canoe

The moose is one of the most common kinds of deer in the North America. Males are characterized by their open-hand shaped antlers, otherwise referred to as palmate antlers. This article will explains about how to moose hunting with canoe and it is hope that you understand and implement the technique that being implement in the guidelines. Moose hunting are very dangerous especially when you are using canoe. You must balance and identify yourself to hunting the moose.

This is distinguished from antlers of various other members of the deer family that are normally twig-like or dendritic in shape.

Though the moose is characterized by very conspicuous antlers, they remain one of the most elusive members of the deer family. Couple that with their speed and agility, and you realize hunting them is no walk in the park. But thanks to human’s unparalleled genius, it is far much possible to hunt moose and what’s more; you can easily do so on a canoe. Read on to find out how.

Prepare Your Canoe When Moose Hunting With Canoe

When preparing to hunt moose on a canoe, it is only natural that the first thing you are going to need is the canoe itself. Experts recommend going for the high-volume tripping canoe.

The volume is especially important here because you would naturally need a co-hunter or crew member, lots of other gear as well as enough space to stash your kill. At the very least, go for an 18-footer canoe.

Understand The Required Supplies When Moose Hunting With Canoe

First, it is important to remember that since you will be out hunting in a canoe, your most important consideration is warmth. As such, ensure you stock sufficient supply of warm clothes. Also, carry with you enough food supplies as you will need to constantly replenish the energy lost from canoeing.

And as a word of advice, ensure you keep yourself as well as your gear as dry as possible. This will especially come in handy when you are handling your bow or rifle, giving you the grip and much-needed hand precision.

Some of the essential items you will need for moose hunting on a canoe include the following;

  1. A stout pack-frame in which to carry your supplies.
  2. A sleeping bag. Here, we would recommend going for one that is rated for extreme chilly conditions of -10 to -15 degrees Celsius.
  3. Good rain gear.
  4. A knife.
  5. A compass.
  6. Matches carried in a waterproof container.
  7. A rifle and rifle scope [optional].
  8. Bow and arrows [a nice alternative to rifles].

Know Where To Find The Moose

We mentioned earlier that moose are elusive and have heightened alertness. So, it is important to know where to find them and especially when their guard is down. Experts recommend looking around the topographical features that are in short supply.

What does this mean? When canoeing a river that happens to run through high-steep valleys, you will likely find the moose hiding in the low and flat willow-bottoms. You may also check out the long-tapering slopes as these enable the moose to easily walk into the valley and out of it. The converse is true when hunting rivers with no valleys. In this case, moose will mostly be found lurking in the hills, ridges or any other raised ground. If there are any islands, backwaters, oxbow lakes and dry river channels, you may want to check them out as well.

What is evidence from the above is that moose prefer to stay clear of areas of high activity. They will prefer the less noisy areas of the river as long as there is something to forage on. One other striking fact is that these areas are generally difficult to access using a canoe. Therefore, in order to proceed with your hunt, you will require a vantage point.

Know How And Where To Shoot

One mistake many moose hunters often make is thinking that due to its enormous size, you can simply shoot anywhere. First of all, it is important to remember that the animal should be taken out as fast as possible so that it does not have to suffer from the agonizing pain. Aside from putting it out of its misery, this will also help in the event the animal gets really worked up and charges towards you.

So, how do you go about it? First, you will need to find a vantage point. While shooting from a canoe, a vantage point does not necessarily imply an area where the water is near-still. However, the stiller the water the better for you. If you happen to be near the banks, you can disembark from your canoe as shooting from the ground offers more precision. This is because you will not have to contend with the constant shaking from the canoe as you try to take aim.

Once you are set, aim for a broadside shot that goes through the heart and possibly also tears apart the animal’s lungs. In order to successfully take a broadside shot, you will have to employ the rule of thirds. This rule requires that you line the back-edge of the moose’s front legs from where you can visualize the animal’s body in thirds. Once you have done that, take aim up from the animal’s chest from its quarter to its one third of its total height.

If you are hunting using a rifle, chances are your target will be easier to zero in. However, for bow hunting, you may never hit the bull’s eye. This is why aiming at the broadside is especially required. At the very least, remember there are areas to avoid such as the stomach. This is because large animals like the moose can run fairly longer distances with stomach wounds.

Know How To Load Your Kill Into The Canoe

Killing a moose is only half the job. The next big challenge is getting your kill onto the canoe. So how do you go about this? First, you quarter it by cutting off the quarters with your hunting knife. Next, you cut along its spine and then peel back the hide to access its ribs and back-straps. You then try to reach for the tenderloins and remove them.

The next thing to cut off is the antlers. Once you are done, spread the quarters in your canoe in such a manner that the front and the rear ones are kitty quarters. This enables you balance the load properly as you paddle your canoe. Lastly, use your tarp to cover the meat and then tie your gear on top of everything.


Well, there goes our guide on how to hunt moose with a canoe. With the right gear, some rudimentary knowledge on moose behavior and a little paddling skills, you can be sure to always land a kill whenever you venture out.