How to paper tune a bow

Learn the technique on How to paper tune a bow: 5 important Tips to know

Information on tuning your bow

Paper tuning a bow is an important thing in the life of an archer as it is detrimental to how good are the arrows going to go for the archer. It is a perfect way to know the flight of the arrows only by having to get it across a paper.

This article explains about How to paper tune a bow that is important for the hunter to know before going to hunting animals in the jungle.

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How to paper tune a bow

  • Fix a paper tune for that bow
  • Make space for yourself
  • Draw your bow and level your arrow
  • Check your stand
  • Shot your target
  • Analyze the result

The manner in which the arrow would pierce the paper would surely enlighten you on how nicely would the arrow hit the target. Making sure that the paper tuning set up that you have prepared is up to the mark you must follow certain steps nicely.

The steps to be followed

  1. Fix a paper through which you want to try the experiment of shooting your arrow. Make sure that the paper is fixed in a solid way, either in a frame or in any other manner which doesn’t make it move.
  2. Make space for yourself roughly 8 feet away from the paper for the experiment to be carried forward appropriately.
  3. Draw your bow and level your arrow in the same direction and get ready for shooting.
  4. Check your stance before you go ahead.
  5. You can now go ahead with the shot and then study the results.
  6. If you feel that you have not got the results that you expected or are desired you can now try the whole process again by making alterations in your shot.

If you are not happy with the results you are getting after paper tuning the bow, you might get help from the following points and want to revisit them once.

  1. You must be shooting with a torque free grip
  2. It is important to try the experiment from the accurate draw length
  3. You must make use of an arrow which has the perfect spine
  4. Check if your form is appropriate
  5. You must see if the arrow rest has been set properly and is not interfering with the fletching of the arrow

What the paper mark tuning bow signifies

If your bow is perfectly paper tuned then what you would see is a flying true like that of a bullet mark, just the perfect thing we have been aiming at.

Now there might be some other images that you get, let us study what they possibly can be and what you should rather focus on in each of these cases. One thing to be kept in mind is that you must always measure the vertical adjustments prior to the horizontal ones to avoid errors being caused on account of vane clearance issues.

  1. Tail High

This s one way the paper mark might look, in such a case, you must move the nocking point slightly down or try moving the rest slightly up. Other things to be done are decreasing launcher stiffness or trying to work again by shortening the length of the arrow.

  • Tail Low

If your paper mark looks like this, you can definitely help it by moving your rest down or your knock point up. In addition to this, you must try stiffening the launcher stiffness. Having done these things, you would surely be led to a better mark.

  • Tail Right

You must move rest away from the riser or a right-handed bow towards the riser for trying a lefty. With that, you can also check once if your arrow point is extremely stiff or give an attempt in trying to increase the point weight. You can also try moving the rest/center shot away from the riser or by moving cable guard away from the arrow might help. With all this, also adjust the wheel lean. 

  • Tail Left

If this is how your paper mark looks, then you must move the rest towards riser in case of a right handed shooter and likewise, away in the case of a lefty. This might also be the consequence of your arrow spine being too weak or by having an excessive point weight which you might want to reduce. You must also try by moving the rest/centre shot towards the riser as it might be where you are going wrong.

Try moving the cable guard towards the arrow or adjust the wheel lean. With all this, the last reason could also be an excessive draw weight, reducing which you would surely get closer to getting the perfect paper mark.

  • Multiple Issues

Lastly, if you are facing many different issues at once, you should try redoing the same by making vertical corrections before you are doing the horizontal corrections


These are some guidelines and tips to help you get the perfect paper tune experience which can ameliorate your game very well enlightening you about exactly the thing which is going wrong with your bow game. This is an easy and effective way to know that you are going wrong and figure out where exactly you are going wrong by reading these tips mentioned above. Once you are able to master the paper tune your arrows would have increased accuracy and better penetration under all circumstances.

Being a professional archer making use of the compound bow, making use of this technique, you would be able to judge by the mechanical releases how straight your shot is. Making use of this technique, you would very well be able to fix your nocking point, arrow rest as well as a bowstring in a line making the best use of them.

If you spend some time practicing how to tune your bow and then studying the problems that you are facing in getting the best mark, you would be able to master the game of archery. There would be nothing left then which would stand a chance of coming between your arrow and the target making your overall archery experience better and worthwhile.

After having learnt everything that was required for setting up your paper tune, you can now proceed with solving the obstacles which come in the middle of an otherwise perfect hit.

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