Compound Bow From A Tree Stand

How to Shoot a Compound Bow from a Tree Stand

Introduction-Shoot A Compound Bow From A Tree Stand

It should be noted here that most of the bowhunters and archers would understand the thrills that come with Compound Bow From A Tree Stand. While it takes a little more effort to master shooting from a tree stand, once you perfect the art, it will take your shooting and hunting skills a notch higher.

Shooting from a tress stand can be done with practically any type of bow. However, in this article, we will look at how to shoot a compound bow from a tree stand. You can visit to know about Compound Bow From A Tree Stand.

Shooting from a tree stand is believed to maximize the precision of your shots among other advantages.

Here are some tips that will help you start off with shooting from a tree stand.

Put On Your Safety Harness-Shoot A Compound Bow From A Tree Stand

hunting from a treestand can be scary and an accident is the last thing you want when hunting. Because you will be literally hanging from a tree about 15 or 20 feet high, the probability of falling over and getting injured is very high. That is why wearing your safety harness is important so that you can secure yourself on the tree.

If climbing is a problem, you can also throw in a lineman’s belt to help in climbing up and down hands-free. Because you will be using a compound bow, which is pretty heavy, it is easy to lose your balance while on the tree stand. However pro you are, it is always best to wear your safety harness when hunting from a treestand.

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Position Your Treestand

The position of your treestand will be very vital in setting your arrow’s trajectory and determining your shooting range. Also make sure you set it up before putting your step ladder so their proximity is near.

This will help when you are climbing up. Additionally, the position of your treestand should be determined by whether you are right-handed or left-handed. If you are left-handed, it will be viable to set up the treestand more to the left and vice versa. This is just to give you a bigger coverage of your target and expand your shooting range.

Understand The Yard-Shoot A Compound Bow From A Tree Stand

If your compound bow comes with a range finder, as most compound bows do, make use of the range finder to try and calculate the distance between your bow and your target.

The range finder should also be able to accurately judge the distance from your bow to the target and automatically adjust for steep angled shots. This will help you make clear shots and never miss your target.

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Adjust Your Aiming Accordingly for Shoot A Compound Bow From A Tree Stand

Shooting from a treestand is not the same as shooting from the ground. The arrow trajectory is completely different and you have to adjust accordingly. This is because shooting from an elevated point, the arrow will hold more gravity hence taking more precise and faster shots at the target.

Another rule most hunters follow is that when shooting from a treestand, higher distances mean that the angles will be steeper hence the shots have to be lower.

Adjust Your Posture to Shoot A Compound Bow From A Tree Stand

If you want to shoot from a treestand, your arrow will not take the same trajectory as when you are shooting from the ground, hence your posture will also have to adjust to accommodate this adjustment.

What you will do is cock your compound bow first, then draw your bow as you would when shooting from the ground, then bend your waist and aim towards the target as opposed to bending your waist first then drawing your bow in that position. This will affect not only your drawing but also the trajectory of the arrow.

Consider String Jumping when Shoot A Compound Bow From A Tree Stand

If you are hunting, your target may detect that is being targeted and may cringe or duck when you shoot your shot. As a result, your shot may miss the target by shooting higher. This is what is referred to as string jumping.

Deers for instance are very sensitive to sound and movement and will sense it from a distance. So when aiming, aim a tad lower to accommodate string jumping to make sure you don’t miss your shot. Additionally, you have to be careful not to make any alarming sound that will alert your target and offset your target.

Get Specialized Sights

For your practice, you may need to use specialized sights like pendulum sights specifically meant for shooting from elevated points. They work best if you are shooting from a treestand at a considerable distance. These specialized sights work on a trigonometry whereby your target, your bow and the ground form a triangle. The sight aids in adjusting to the right range by using gravity.

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The distance from your bow to the sight will differ depending on how you dial it. There are some pendulum sights that are adjustable and enable you to adjust and determine the maximum distance. However, be careful, because pendulum sights can be very dangerous if not used with the optimum distances. This is just to perfect your shooting before you can start using real targets such as deers.

Practice From A Treestand

Just like any other form of archery, your practice is what will make you perfect. This means that you will only get perfect if you practice from a real treestand. Don’t be deceived into thinking that you can practice with your compound bow on the ground and just climb up a tree and be good at it.

Shooting from a treestand also needs its own technique practice which is quite different from shooting on the ground. So whatever you do, practice from a real treestand. Wear all the necessary gear that you would use when on real hunting. Practicing with your safety harness will not only make you familiarize yourself with the gear but also ensure your safety when practicing.

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Always Remember………

Shooting from a treestand is not the same as the typical shooting from the ground. Therefore, there is a lot to consider when practicing such as angles, posture, aiming and safety. However, once you master the technique of shooting from a treestand using a compound bow, it becomes easier and more rewarding especially if you are a hunter.

Using a compound bow to shoot from a treestand is pretty much easier as compared to other bows such as crossbows and should not take much effort before you master it. These tips will help you get you started on shooting from a tree stand.