How to Tie Bowfishing Arrow

Learn about How to Tie Bowfishing Arrow

Introduction How to Tie Bowfishing Arrow

Bowfishing arrow is essential for your bowfishing habit. Fish arrows come with 2 holes, one on its head end, and the other one is on the front of the nock. These holes can be used to rig arrows in different ways. This article explain about How to Tie Bowfishing Arrow that is important when you want to bowfishing.

Meanwhile, do you want to know how to tie a bowfishing arrow? The following ideas will help you. With that, you can enjoy more of your bowfishing.        

Tying Bowfishing Arrow

You can tie the line through the head hole. You can also choose to tie it through the nock hole only. You can decide based on your choice. Meanwhile, if you only tie the line on the trailing end of the bowfishing arrow, the line will not touch the fish. If you use this method, you must glue the heads on doubly well. Thus, it can break loose and fall off in the water. 


On the other hand, you can also thread the line in the nock hole, pull it along the shaft and thread it on the head hole. Make sure that you tie it securely. Next, you can pull the line tightly to take out the slack along the shaft. Since the line is tied through the hole in the head, you have the assurance that the head will not lose as it breaks off. 

Another method is using steel leader wire and wire clamps or heavy line along with the barrel swivel. You can slip the wire on the hole at the arrow’s head end and clamp it tight. Next, you can slide the barrel swivel on the wire and clamp it to the free end of the wire on the hole near the nock. You can do this by tying heavy lines on the holes on each end of the arrow. The wire must be snug, so it lies close to the arrow. You can tie a snap swivel to the end of the fishing line. Then, you can now start bowfishing. 

Now that you have discovered how to tie bowfishing arrow, let us learn how to set up your bowfishing arrow

Setting Up Your Bowfishing Arrow 

Bowfishing is a fun and entertaining activity for people of all ages. It can be a great way to relax, spend quality time with yourself or loved ones. Well, are you a beginner in bowfishing? If yes, you must know how to set up your bowfishing arrow.

Bowfishing Arrow Shaft 

The shaft is the backbone of any arrow. You can notice the weight of the bowfishing arrow. It is because the material used for the arrow comes with great durability. With this, it can make a better penetration punch to capture the fish. Usually, bowfishing arrows are made from carbon, fiberglass as well as a hybrid combination of the 2 materials. If you want a more affordable arrow for your bowfishing, you can opt for fiberglass. It is tough but more affordable. On the other hand, carbon can be your best choice if you want straightness or stiffer spine. 

Bowfishing Points 

The point is crucial in setting up your bowfishing arrow. You can match the bowfishing point on your target fish. The holing power, carp, and hard-hitting penetration are very important. You can prefer a point that reverses the barbs without touching it. Thus, a large fish is hard to push the arrow to get at the point. In small gar in deeper water, the arrow gets to the fish without water planning. It is advisable to bring a replaceable tip if you are going to bowfishing in rocky areas. It can be an arrow saver. This can be helpful not to lose your point. Even more important, it is also helpful to use a drill press for drilling the shaft for safety and accuracy. If you’re not sure which point works best for your different bowfishing types, you can ask the advice of a professional. 

Putting It Altogether 

In building your bowfishing arrow, you need components like the hunting arrow except fletching. You need the point, shaft, and nock. The addition of a bowfishing arrow is the safety slide system. Your safety is important. You must always have this system. With the safety slide system, your bowfishing line can keep in front of the bow. It is essential, so it can avoid the line from tangling on the bowstring and make the arrow to snap back that can hurt or even kill you or those around you. 

The first thing to do is to pick a fish shaft for your arrow. You can choose between a fiberglass or carbon. You can also glue the nock, so the safety slide is properly aligned. You can use a fletching glue on gluing the nock. It can dry fast and comes with nice holding strength. 

Then, you can now install the safety slide and its components. It is necessary to place the slide before the installation of the bowfishing point. Lastly, you can install the bowfishing point with the use of the sandpaper. With the sandpaper, you can rough up the arrow’s end so the epoxy can grip for an additional stronghold.

The alignment of the point has no bearing on how it can shoot so that you can choose based on your option. You can choose horizontal since the barbs can be out of your view, and the gravity comes with equal impact on the barbs. As you finish setting up your bowfishing arrow, you can now catch the fish. Bowfishing is a flexible activity. You can go bowfishing during the day or night.

Conclusion How to Tie Bowfishing Arrow

If you want to make the best of your bowfishing, you must have a complete set of equipment. Make sure to get only the best quality gear to ensure that you can have an efficient tool to catch a fish. Even more important, you must also consider your safety to avoid possible problems that may arise. What are you waiting for? Get your bowfishing arrow now! With that, you can enjoy bowfishing with your family and friends.