How to Use a Whisker Biscuit -What You Want To Know


The Whisker Biscuit was initially made by Steve Graf and Ike Brathwaite. The pair established an organization named Carolina Archery Equipment in 1999. Both of the men had considerable experience with building and an affection for bow chasing. Furnished with the skill, and an energy for the game of bows and arrows, the two would, in the long run, give every one of us the absolute first Whisker Biscuit regulation bolt rest. This article will explains about how to use a whisker biscuit when hunting animals in the jungle. It should be noted here that there are certain guidelines when want to use whisker biscuit in bowhunting.

A control bolt rest is a bolt rest that safely holds the bolt with different purposes of contact. These contact focuses will hold the bolt safely in a prepared situation until you have discharged the shot. These contact focuses will likewise help manage the bolt until it has in reality left the bow totally. You can also check video about whisker biscuit at this link

What sort of whisker Biscuit do I requirement for my arrangement? 

As a rule, a free fit is great and a tight fit is awful. A tight fit can bring about more clamour and conceivable left-right blunders from hand torque. All Biscuit sizes are tradable. This implies to switch bolt measures; it might just be important to switch scones. It won’t be important to purchase an entirely different rest. The accompanying table relates the accessible Biscuit sizes to the accessible bolt types and sizes. 

Little 0.28″ inward breadth fits Easton ACC, ST arrangement (eg ST Axis), aluminium 1716 or littler.

Medium 0.32″ inward breadth fits aluminium 2018 or littler, inside part carbon and 60 arrangement carbon shafts e.g. Power Flight shafts Enormous 0.36″ inward breadth fits Easton Fat Boy, Beeman 9.3, Line Jammers, aluminium 2314 or littler 

How to use a whisker biscuit

Whisker biscuit is a simple device which will help you with the shooting and aiming during shooting an arrow. Here is the method how to use whisker biscuit.

  • Mounting a Whisker Biscuit

            The first and the basic thing is to choose the size of the whisker biscuit depending on the size of the arrow you are using it. The size of the whisker biscuit is given about in the article. Now, the next step is to install the noise cancellation pads on the whisker biscuit it is not necessary (the pads damps the sound of the arrow when it is hit with the whisker biscuit.). The next step is just to mount the whisker biscuit to the raiser of the bow. The best distance for attaching the whisker biscuit with the bow is about quarter inch. Make sure that you have attached the whisker biscuit in the middle of the raiser. This will help you with better aiming. Make sure that the whisker biscuit is fully tight and not wiggling around.

  • Loading an arrow

            There are two method of loading an arrow inside the whisker biscuit. The first one is that take an arrow and insert it from the back of the whisker biscuit and load it. The second one from the opening that is built into the whisker biscuit. It is much easier and quicker also. But the main thing to remember is that when you are loading and arrow make sure the one of wing of the arrow are straight-up not bent in other direction because this can reduce the speed of the arrow. 

This is happened because there are different kind of flaps in the whisker biscuit some of them are hard and some of then are soft. When you put on of the wing in the straight upward direction then it will go from the soft flaps otherwise it will go from the hard ones hence reducing the speed of the arrow.

  • Shooting an arrow

            Now this is the final part which is shooting arrow. The whisker biscuit will help you to stabilize your arrow. So, you should not take tension of it. After that you just have you aim and shoot the arrow. The whisker biscuit also help you to improve your accuracy.


The whisker biscuit is great for improving the aim and accuracy of the person. You can use it with almost all kind of modern bows. But using this you will be able to make a quick reload of the arrows and it would able to hold the arrow straight.