How to Hunting Elephant With a Crossbow?

Introduction Hunting Elephant With a Crossbow

As you all know that animals are one of the favorites of most of the people and people mostly love to pet an animal of their choice whether it is a dog, cat, tiger, lion, snake, it can be any of them and others also. This article explains about Hunting Elephant With a Crossbow that can be used as the guideline when searching for information about elephant hunting.

But there are two types of animals one is the normal one who lives nearby, and the other is the wild animals which are dangerous for all of us. One of the most vulnerable among them is the elephants who live in the forest, and they are so aggressive and threatening, and forest takers are finding various ways to kill these wild animals with the help of a crossbow.

Some people find it wrong, but they should understand how dangerous they are as they are keeps on destroying all the trees in the forest and damaging the surroundings and polluting the environment and making so much of loss. And we all know that wild animal is hazardous for us and the world.

Characteristics of Hunting Elephant With a Crossbow

  • Elephants have three different species such as Asian elephants, African forest and savannah elephants.
  • Male and female elephants have different weights, males’ weight varies from 5000 to 15000 lb, in female’s case, it decreases.
  • They have the best sense of smelling and hearing as they have huge ears and a long trunk.
  • Their height can be in-between the range of 3 to 2.7m, as it depends upon their ancestors and elephant’s ancestors are always the most prominent and huge animal on earth.
  • They have 26 teeth in the count, including two upper ones, 12 are molars, and 12 are premolars.
  • The elephant’s skin is very thick as it thickens up to 3 cm.
  • It’s one of the dangerous species from all the other wild animals and in games too.

According to such characteristics, you all can know the need have killed these big wild animals as they are so wild and big and harm people so quickly and destroying or damaging the forests already. To execute these big mammals, you first need to take an appropriate bow and then decide the next step.

One should make sure that the bow should be that thick that it can enter the elephant’s skin quickly, otherwise they can cause instant harm you back. The people who have practiced for killing such big mammals then it can be comfortable for them to kill them, but still, there is a danger of getting harmed by the elephants.

Some Tips to Hunting Elephant With a Crossbow

  • Plan Carefully: Before going to kill a mammal or an elephant than one should first have a proper plan how to kill them and should have all the required equipment that is needed while hunting an elephant and should have an appropriate idea of controlling them.
  • Identify the Target: When someone is planning to hunt an elephant than first of all, they should identify the target, and according to that they should kill or throw the arrow to it, and no leniency should be allowed.
  • Focus on Body Part: Before hunting an elephant than one should first focus on the particular part of the elephant’s body to get a proper shot so that the elephant will not get rescued and adequately be handled.
  • Avoid putting scent: Elephants has a very keen sense of hearing and smelling because of their large ears and trunk. So one should avoid placing scent over oneself as they get to know that someone is around them they get alerted and start running, and that makes one’s plan of killing get failed.
  • Shooting Clearly: While shooting with an arrow than the weight of the bow or an arrow matters a lot as it plays a significant role while hunting a dangerous animals, it includes very much danger for people who are planning to shoot because people don’t know what will be going to happen after leaving an arrow to them.

The above tips may help you in how to hunt dangerous animals of the forest with some basic plans and intelligence. Before doing any critical work, one should adequately make plans to be safe while performing the task and should have proper knowledge about that particular task that he is going to perform. The above tips are very useful in hunting elephants with a crossbow with a clear goal and with an intelligent plan.

Various Species of Elephants

  • Asian Elephants: The elephants of Asia are more likely to be very big and huge but have small ears as compared to other elephants of the world. The males over there develop their tusks, but females don’t due to some environment and surrounding problems.
  • African Elephants: These elephants are the biggest from the other two species of elephants as there are two species of elephants in Africa, i.e., African forest and savannah and the animals there have huge ears, and both males and females grow their tusks with proper benefits of hearing.

These two species of elephants have various features as compared to each other as some have large ears, and some have small and some don’t grow their tusks, and some do. Some people of Africa adopt these elephants as their pet and get attached to them, so they interrupt in between hunting elephants. People over there have various tastes and preferences, so some adopt big ears elephants and some small ears.

Final Verdict

According to the points and paragraphs mentioned above, you can know the various aspects of elephants and the ways of hunting them with proper planning and targets. Before performing any task, you should always be aware of all the weaknesses of the opposition party, and here the opposition party is elephants, the vast elephants that are not so easy to handle so you should need a full proof plan to kill them if any mistake takes place while hunting them than there is a considerable risk of your own life.