hunting mule deer with a crossbow

How to Hunting Mule Deer With a Crossbow?

Introduction Hunting Mule Deer With a Crossbow

Hunting is an important practice for hunters as that requires pretty much practice for you. It is important for you to understand that crossbow is optimal for the hunt for mule deer. Bowhunting is a cooler concept for hunting. This article will explains about Hunting Mule Deer With a Crossbow

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We are here helping to understand that how you can hunt for the mule deer with the crossbow without going through much hassle. Hunting with the right weapon and technique can be pretty much helpful in making things turn in your favour and accomplishing your target.  

Hunting the mule deer with crossbow tips and tactics

Before we straight dive into the hunting of mule deer, it is essential for you to get started with the optimal crossbow tips and tactics that can make the work much easier and better for you. As the mule deer is the hardest and bigger animal to hit with a bow, so you need to be precise about the tactics you are following for it.

Unlike the regular whitetail, mule deer have different patterns; also the power of their eyes, nose and ears is magnificent and easily sense for the danger.  

Hunters must be known to the fact that mule deer roam with the larger group of bucks that keeps attention to every direction that is the strategy they follow for their safety. New hunters often go through the thought that they can hit them while drinking when they would not be surrounded by the whole group of bachelor bucks but here is a surprising fact for you they don’t drink water in daylight.

Also, if you are fortunate enough that mule deer drink water in daylight out of thirstiness then you need to be very precise and accurate about your shot once hit wrong you wouldn’t be able to find another chance for it. Mule deer are different from whitetail, so they don’t like to get disturbed, and if get then they follow for another direction or completely vanish from the site.  

Well, we have looked into the strengths of the mule deer, but they have a couple of weaknesses too. One of their greatest weaknesses is food and romance also in some certain locations they are fond of a big bed with a wide-open territory.

This weakness of mule deer can come in handy for the hunters for optimal hunt diaries. So, you can surely get your target if you went through the optimal practices of precautions and precision.

Stalking & spotting 

Among most of the methods of hunting one of the respective ones is the practice of spot and stalk as it can be exciting, effective also adrenaline-ridden. You can be considerate about the best habits for spotting and stalking for hunting with a crossbow is timberline habitat of Colorado or Nevada along with broken high-plains badlands of Wyoming. Dakota’s land can also be a decent choice to make for the optimal spotting and stalking practice.  

Those who follow for the spotting and stalking method often have to go through pretty much hassle as it is a very exhausting method to go for. Mule deer are pretty much superb in sensing the danger, so it becomes even more tiring to go for the spotting and stalking. We are here presenting the detailed version of the process of the stalking and spotting.

  • Spotting: a primary thing that you are required to practice is to spot, and for that, you would be required to climb a high vantage point and let the binoculars do the walking. You have to be vigilant for a couple of miles distant, so it is a greater option for you to use premium optics. As soon as you see the group of bachelor bucks then be attentive to them and observe for their movement and spot your target here. While spotting your target, it would be optimal for you to understand the group of bachelor bucks simultaneously, such as what are habits of the group? In what order they are pecking? What’s the number of bucks in the group? While spotting it all you might find the schizophrenic of the buck gang, so it is better to stay away from it for your convenience.
  • Bedding your buck: different practices have been seen for the buck gang usually early season bucks are fed for a couple of minutes to several hours prior they head to their morning beds. Now you need to be really vigilant and stay focused over your target as soon as it heads towards bedding all you need to practice is lying down. It is the time where you have to be patient for hunting the mule deer as not all deer go-to morning beds in the sun, but some go for it for about 45 minutes and an hour. Different morning beds make their rising also different as soon as they wake up they’ll move to the different bed in the shade. It is the accurate time to make your perfect move for hunting the mule deer. Hunters get mainly three to five hours timing to hunt them from the duration of their waking up till they had they midday snack.
  • Stalk closely: as you are waiting for the accurate time so that buck gets to settle in for the day here you can strategize for the technique you are going to follow for it. You need to be precise regarding the wind approach to know whether your crossbow with hitting the mule deer accurately or not. Draw a line and settle for a route that can keep you on track in providing you ease while hitting for the target. Distance and location are two different things and aspects that play a key role in setting everything up. Hence, it is very important for the hunter to study the area well before going hunting. Considerate about the noise you can here practice to remove the shoes once you are 100 yards away from your target as noise can make them aware of the threat and they might shift to some other spot.  


Following the above-stated detail, you can easily do the hunting for mule deer.