Review iFIELD Sport Hunting Knife Camper Outdoor Knife

Introduction iFIELD Sport Hunting Knife Camper Outdoor Knife

The introduction of the product is very clear and precise. The introduction itself gives brief description of the key deciding factors one would consider when buying a hunting knife. This article mentioned about iFIELD Sport Hunting Knife Camper Outdoor Knife that is important when you want to hunting at the jungle or during winter.

The introduction mentions the intended use of the knife, the size of the blade and that it comes with a leather sheath. The introduction is self-explanatory at a glance of what to expect when we read further into the product advertisement. After reading the product description, I am in opinion the 10-year warranty statement the knife seller offers should be indicated in the introduction to gain more attraction.

Product Images Related for iFIELD Sport Hunting Knife Camper Outdoor Knife

The product images posted for the advertisement shows how the hunting knife and its sheath looks like from few angles. The seller also posted photos of all the available color variants they offer. The seller indicated the size of the blade in the introduction; however, I feel that a measurement only can sometime be misleading as it is dependent on how it was measured. The advert can be more informative/attractive if the seller could include a photo of the knife being measure against a ruler for better clarity. A photo of the thickness being measured will also help. It would be best if all measurable features of the knife are shown in a photo with dimensions.

To a consumer who is familiar with knives would probably understand or be able to visualize the knife better with only dimensions. A new or a first-time knife buyer might not be able to visualize it well. A photo of an average person holding the knife or a photo of the knife against a common item such as a standard coke can can maybe manage the buyer’s expectation better. A demo video of the knife being used will do much good if included in the advertisement.

Product Description iFIELD Sport Hunting Knife Camper Outdoor Knife

The product description is quite comprehensive. It highlights all the important factors and description of the knife. They also indicated the warranty information of 10 years which only a few knife sellers can provide. The warranty information can be an attraction if the seller can include it in the introduction.

Pro or Benefits of it?

The advertisements mention the pros or benefits of it in a short write up in the product description. The writeup is enough to explain the key pros and allows buyers to get a quick idea of what to expect.

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Cons or Downside of it?

There are no cons or downside of the product explained in the description. It is understandable that the seller doesn’t mention them as they can be destructive to the advertisement but a brief correctly worded description what a buyer shouldn’t or cannot do with the knife can add some value in terms of managing consumer expectation. Some description of what consumer shouldn’t or cannot do with the knife will make the buyer aware of the limitations of the product and this can mitigate the feeling of a consumer feeling cheated when their expectations do not meet. It is better to get one good review aligned with what is explained of the product rather than a few bad reviews the product not meeting the expectation of the buyer based on his/her assumption. It is said a good word of mouth reaches 3 to4 people whereas a bad word of mouth can extend to 7 to 8 people. In the case of digital marketing there is no limitations to how much damage a bad review can do.

Are the any alternatives products?

Any comments that you can shared?

The comments from some buyers seemed very positive and some even when to the extent of making a product review video to share with others. A couple of the very positive reviews I can share here are;

  • “Great Fixed Blade Knife”
  • “Just as nice as Hen and Rooster Handle Knife”

Do you recommended to buy the products?

Yes I recommended 100%. Yes, I do recommend buying this product for the good reviews by the satisfied customers it has received. I have not seen any bad reviews of the product this far. The only caution I would take is to wait for a few more customers to review on it before I make the purchase because it has only six reviews so far.


Overall this is a good product on par with price it is selling for compared to its rivals/competition. I would recommend and buy this product for the price it is selling at. However, I believe the seller can do a bit more to make this product advertisement more engaging to create more demand by;

1) Adding more photos of the product a explained in the earlier above (question b).

  1. Adding a demo video of using it
  2. Highlighting the 10-year warranty it offers in the introduction and title.