How To String A Compound Bow

Info on How To String a Compound Bow: 5 Tips and Important of it

How To String a Compound Bow

A compound bow is an equipment used in archery which is slightly complex owing to its being modern equipment. But fixing your compound bow is not such a big task if you get proper guidance and follow certain rules. This article explains how to string a compound that can be used as a reference for the hunter when want to hunt animals using a compound bow.

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How to string a compound bow

  • Check the old bowstring
  • Select and wax the new string
  • Get hold of the right bow press
  • Place the bow
  • For a non-teardrop attachment bow, start stringing from the cam
  • Decide the fate of the old string in place

There are two ways in which you can fix a compound bow, the first is to use a bow press and the other is to use your hands as a tool. 

Using a bow press is easier and safer. In this process, you must follow these steps: 

  • Check the old bowstring: You must look well into the old bowstring in place for any serious faults. If this bowstring is severely damaged, you must not attempt to deal with it on your own. Take it directly to a professional to avoid injuries during removal. 
  • Select and wax the new string: Now you must look for a suitable string. You get an option to choose from Dacron, Vectran, and Dyneema, but make sure that you are choosing a string without any breaks, cracks or bumps. The slightest glitch in the string can make the whole process unsuccessful as well as dangerous. After having chosen the string fit for your compound bow, you must now rub some bow wax on it to make it easier for you to string it. 
  • Get hold of the right bow press: Try to look for a double pull compound bow press since it is safe. At times, there is a requirement for a double pull compound bow press to hold the bow in place so that the limbs can then be molded in the right position. You must not forget to consult your bow manufacturer or some other professional to get an in-depth knowledge on the bow press you must use according to your compound bow. 
  • Place the bow: The first thing to do here is to consult a specialist or at least perform the following activities under expert supervision so that you do not end up being injured. Some bow press requires you to loosen the weight adjustment bolts while others might have restraining arms which lock over the bow or a series of lock around the limbs and handgrip. You must learn how to operate a bow press well and then only proceed with your endeavors. In addition to this, make sure that while loosening up the limbs, you are maintaining a balance between both sides. Do not loosen one limb entirely keeping the other fixed as it might lead to breaking up of the bow or even cause unwanted injuries. 
  • Decide the fate of the old string in place: Look for a teardrop attachment in your compound bow. If it is present, there must be two grooves present for placing the string which allows you to string with the old string still in place. But if there is no teardrop attachment point in your bow, you must first remove the old string by unhooking the string from the end of the wheel from a cam or idle wheel. It is possible that you might not be able to easily identify if this attachment is there or not, without guessing you must directly consult a professional and proceed in the manner prescribed. 
  • Re-tighten the bow and finish: In the end, you must tighten all the bolts to bring them back to their original setting by alternatively turning them on either side. Now finally, release the bow from the bow press making sure that the string remains intact in the appropriate grooves. If in case, the string is not appropriately seated, you must go on to fasten the bow press again to adjust the string correctly. 

String compound bow using hands

The other method of stringing the compound bow is to do it by using your hands. To follow this method, you must: 

  1. Verify if the technique is right: The first thing to do is to check if your bowstring can be fixed with hands. This stands as a possibility only if the bow is equipped with a teardrop-shaped attachment which allows you to keep the older string there while you are putting the new string. There is no possibility to string a compound bow using hands if the old string cannot be kept intact while fixing the new one. However, even these strings must be fixed using a bow press to make the whole process safer. 
  • Loosen the limb bolt and step on the string: You must step on the older string and pull the bow enough to bring in flex in the limbs to bring it close enough to put the new string. 
  • Put on the new string: Put the new string on the empty grooves followed by which you must make sure that they are attached nicely and are taut. After this, you can now lower the bow and step on the new string to remove the older string from the compound bow by unhooking the older from the teardrop attachment. 

These are the two different ways in which you can string a bow without hurting yourself and without even needing a professional to do it for you. Following every step carefully, would simplify the whole procedure eventually making you a pro at it.

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