Adjustable Compound Bow

Information About Adjustable Compound Bow

Learning about Adjustable Compound Bow

There are different types and varieties of bow available in the market for hunting and archery. One of the most common types of bow used by hunters is a compound bow. This article explains Adjustable Compound Bow that hunters must know and understand before go to hunting in the jungle.

It is a modern type of bow with many features. Most beginners go with a compound bow because it is easy to use. The best thing about the compound bow is that it is adjustable.

Adjustable Compound Bow:

It is a bow that is used in modern archery and hunting. It uses a levering system. There are cables and pulleys attached to a compound bow, which helps you bend the limbs and adjust them. 

Bowhunters use this bow to gain mechanical advantage. Because the limbs are pulled, it becomes much rigid. It makes the bow more energy-efficient. 

It also helps to reduce the sensitivity of the bow and improve the accuracy of the aim. The compound bow was developed in the year 1966 in Missouri. In the 20th century, it became quite popular among hunters and archers.

Adjustable Draw Weight:

The best thing about the compound bow is that you can adjust the draw weight and draw length. There are mostly 10 pounds of adjustment feature in this bow. 

The standard range of bow available in the market is 30 to 40 pounds, 40 to 50 pounds, 50 to 60 pounds, 60 to 70 pounds, and more. The most common range is 55 to 65 pounds.

Tips to Adjust the Draw Weight on a Compound Bow:

Each bow is different. In some bows, it takes time to reach the peak while others reach a peak very quickly. You need to adjust the draw weight.

On a compound bow, you can easily adjust the draw weight. You need to screw in or screw out the limb bolt. It holds the limb with the riser. The size of the bolt is 3/16” or ¼.” You need to use the right side of the hex wrench to adjust it.

Here are some guidelines you need to follow while adjusting the draw weight.

  • Number of Turns: 

You need to read the manual of the bow or contact the manufacturer regarding the maximum number of turns. You need to adjust the number of turns in this range only. If you go outside the range, it may cause severe injuries to you and others.

  • Limb Locking Bolts:

You need to check the bow for additional limb locking bolts. These bolts are given on the side of the limbs. Before you turn the limb, loosen these bolts first.

  • Bottom Out Bolts:

You need to turn the limb bolts till they reach the end. Do overdo it and tighten them more. Turn it only 1 to 2 times and stop once they bottom out.

  • Higher Weight/ Lower Weight:

In higher weight, turn the limb bolts in and in lower weight turn them out. A full turn can change the weight by 1 ½ or 4 pounds. 

  • Tighten:

Suppose there are any limb locking bolts in the bow than tighten them enough. Don’t keep it loose or over-tighten it.

These are the tips you can use while adjusting an adjustable compound bow.

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