How to Hunt Sandhill Cranes

Information About How to Hunt Sandhill Cranes

Introduction to How to Hunt Sandhill Cranes

If you are up to this kind of waterfowl species, a great mixture of crane spread and scouting strategy is needed. This article explains about How to Hunt Sandhill Cranes that is important for hunters to learn and understand techniques when hunting in the jungle.

How to Hunt Sandhill Cranes

  • Prepare your equipment and gear
  • Know where to find sandhill cranes
  • Know the surrounding
  • Prepare fake crane
  • Shoot the sandhill crane on their weak spot
  • Respect the environment

Hunting Sandhill Cranes is one of the enjoyable experience that you can do when hunting it.

Since they have good eyesight, they can see up there if you are just giving them a bait through crane decoys. And of course, if you are just giving them a fake crane bugling sound to attract them.

However, things might be a lot easier for you if you can choose a good area where they can be found. If you also have a 100 % camouflage ability to keep yourself hide while having a good picture of them is a great advantage.

Since they go on the field to feed together with geese and ducks, you can create a plan as to how you can catch them. Sandhill cranes fly in low depth and series of patterns. That is why when they come on traffic, you can take advantage of that and shoot them in their weak spot.

Sandhill is an omnivore that feeds on from plants and animal meat. This commonly includes plant tubers, grains, fruits, snakes, lizards, mice, and many more. They are said to be tall with long neck and legs. In North America, they are one of the species that can be found. They can stand at about 3 to 5 feet high. Sandhill cranes possess gray-color feathers with threatening looks.

Why want to Hunt Sandhill Cranes

Right now, because of their flexibility, there now about almost 600,000 sandhill species. For this reason, this has created an alarming stigma. Based on some reported cases, those who were feed by humans become aggressive and attack children. They can dominate rural or even urban areas. They smash into power lines and dump areas.

So, to have a solution for these issues, some countries allow sandhill crane hunting. People can instead capture these animals for food supply and for their feathers, which can be made into various clothes and the like.

What countries permit Sandhill Crane Hunting?

Despite their abundance, some countries remain steadfast and still don’t let this kind of hunting to exist. However, there are now known countries and states in the US that permit this, including Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming. In some parts of Mexico and Saskatchewan, hunting sandhill cranes is permitted, too. 

Is It Safe To Let Dog Retrieve A Captures Sandhill Crane?

Based on an expert hunter, it is recommended not to be done since Sandhill crane can be aggressive. They can use their sharpened beak to attack and remove the eyes of your dog. You might as well obtain cuts since they can get into your skin. Unfortunately, these species are being shot again to harvest them successfully. 

Did Sandhill have ever experience extinction?

No, but apparently, in the year 1916, their population has decreased because of natural habitat phenomena. Sadly, this is also coupled with too much Sandhill hunting. As reported in Wisconsin, there are only about 25 breeding pairs left with others in Great Lakes countries.  


As a conclusion it should be noted here that hunting sandhill cranes also similar to hunting duck or doves. You must take careful steps and learn the technique that can help you in the future.