how to made homemade crossbow

Information about How to Make a Homemade Crossbow

Information about How to Make a homemade crossbow

Crossbows are tools and weapons that have been historically used for hunting and warfare in Asia and all over the world. This article explains about homemade crossbow that you can know and learn to develop the crossbow at your home.

if you want to learn on how to make homemade crossbow here is the steps:

  1. Materials
  2. Building the body
  3. Building the bow
  4. Building the trigger system
  5. Putting all together
  6. Practice and target the homemade crossbow

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It has evolved tremendously from its origins to what we know now as a crossbow with mainly recreational use.

The modern crossbow is characterized by a middle stick with a perpendicular bow that allows us to shoot with a greater power range and it’s easier to use than other types of bows.

homemade crossbow

If you’re interested in these weapons and want to learn how to use them for recreational means, you can learn how to make homemade crossbows here:


2*4 piece of pinewood1-inch small pinewood piece.30-inch long piece of 3/4 inch schedule 40 PVC1-foot long piece of 3/4 inch schedule 40 PVC1/4-inch pine stick.Paracord

Building the body

Start by cutting 2 feet from your 2*4 wood piece.Draw a 4 inches long and 1-inch wide rectangle in the middle of the wood.Remove it to have the trigger area with the help of a drill.

If you like and you have access to a bandsaw you can draw the form of the crossbow body to give it a more realistic look.

Divide your trigger whole into thirds and make a 1/8 inch groove in the front using a chisel. Drill a fourth-inch hole under this groove on both that traverses the whole body. Cut another groove that traverses the whole body in the middle. You can do this by using a drill with a fourth-inch depth. Finally cut an 8-inch long piece from your pinewood leftovers a glue it perpendicular to the back end of the body.

Building the bow

You want the PVC tubes to be flat, so, with a heat gun heat the pipes and smash them until flat with a clamp. Don’t forget to use gloves for the heat.Once they’re flat, grab the long one and by heating up from the center to the corners, mold it to a bow shape. Hold it for a few minutes until it cools completely. Now, to strengthen the bow, you’re going to recurve the edges, so heat only the corners and slightly round them to the opposite direction of the bow. Let them cool. Take the other PVC part and bow it in the same way as the other one. Cut small grooves on the ends of both bows


Building the trigger system

Cut an L-shape that is 2-inch on the long side and 1 1/2-inch on the short side out of your 1-inch pinewood.Drill a fourth-inch hole near the edge.

Putting it together for homemade crossbow

Mark the center of both bows and screw them into the front of the body with the trigger area facing up. The big bow goes first directly screwed into the wood and then the second one screwed in the opposite direction.Put the trigger into the rectangle hole with the help of the pine stick gluing it only by its ends.

Tie a piece of paracord into both sides of the big bow. Tie a second piece of paracord starting in one end of the big bow, passing through the small one, and finishing on the other end of the big bow to add more tension.Finally, find a bolt that fits the crossbow shooting channel and go try it!