Obsidian arrowheads

Information about Obsidian Arrowhead – Dragon Glass

Introduction Obsidian Arrowhead

If you are an avid supporter of the movie – Game of Thrones – you will surely recognize this type of arrow tip. This article explains about Obsidian Arrowhead that you can learn about this arrowhead and the types of it.

This is the black Valerian steel found by one of their characters. And this is the only tool that they can use to kill White Walkers.

Obsidian arrowhead is a volcanic glass carved from a solidified igneous rock. When a volcano erupts, lava flows from the tip of the volcano, forming a cooled crystalline black rock. Since it came from a volcano, it is very rich in silica. Similarly, the heating and cooling process undergone by this type of rock made it thicker and polymerized.

Aside from black obsidian rock, there are also other varieties of obsidian rock. These are the gold shining obsidian, rainbow obsidian, double flow obsidian, pumpkin obsidian, and the mahogany obsidian. So, obsidian rock can acquire green or brown colors. And this mainly because of trace elements coupled in their chemical composition

Types of Obsidian Rock

Rainbow Obsidian Arrowhead

If you are depressed and down, this type of arrow tip is believed to have natural power healing powers. It brings a hopeful and optimistic mind. In this case, it can be said that Obsidian arrowhead is not only used for weapons but as well as for natural belief and jewelry making.

When it comes to structuring, this type acquires a spectrum of colors since it contains rock debris and crystals and other components. This is true to other kinds of obsidian rocks, such as in the case of silver and gold obsidian.

Mahogany Obsidian Rock

Usually, two colors can be combined in one obsidian rock. The most combined color is brown and black, which forms the mahogany obsidian.

Double Flow Obsidian

Even two colors can be found in an obsidian rock; the direction of flow of these colors are different from each other. That is what we call double flow obsidian.

Composition of Obsidian Rock

Obsidian rock is mainly made up of similar granite and rhyolite raw material. These types of rock can also be formed out of solidified magma. There is also another rare form of similar obsidian rock known as tachylyte. This one is formed by rapid cooling. As compared to real obsidian, it has circular bubbles trapped within its cavities.

Where to find Obsidian Rock?

If you are located in countries with frequent volcanic activity, this rock is not a problem to be found. Obsidian rock is found in countries such as Canada, Ecuador, Guatemala, Indonesia, Japan, and many more. It can also be found in western states in America, including Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and many more.  

As of today, most of the collection of obsidian rocks originated from Glass Butte. This is a volcano part of volcanic alignment form approximately almost 5 million years ago. It is composed mostly of rhyolite rocks. 

What is the use of the Obsidian arrowhead?

Once our ancient ancestors discovered these as cutting tools, this has started the evolution of knives, scrapers, arrowheads, and many more. In real life situation, these tools have become their tools to hunt for food, and weapons to defend their self from any danger.

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