what is recurve bow

3 Tips and Important Information that explains about what is recurve bow?

Introduction What is Recurve Bow

A recurve bow refers to a bow that comes with curve limbs and what is recurve bow for hunters. This article explains what is recurve bow that you can use as the guideline when you want to hunt animals in the jungle.

Do you know that there are few types of the bow that you should know such as crossbow, compound bow, yumi bow, traditional bow, and recurve bow. This recurve bow is very important for hunting animals when in the jungle.

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When unstrung, its limbs start to curve away from its archer.

Recurve bow is one of the weapon for hunting compared other weapon such as knife, crossbow, compound bow. In the last century, recurve bow has been as the deadly weapon that can destroy the target such as elk, moose, duck, bear, boar and many other animals.

It should be noted here that when you want to recurve bow in the jungle always prepared and understand the mechanism that is important for safety and take care of yourselves.

When compared with a straight-limbed bow, a recurve bow can deliver and store a huge amount of energy. As a result, it gives a perfect speed and energy to the arrow. 

Aside from that, the recurved limbs are also known in putting lots of energy to the bow materials. As a result, limbs create louder noise once shots have been performed. On the other hand, an unstable bow is the result of extreme recurves. You must also what is the difference between recurve bow vs compound bow.

Part in Recurve Bow: What is recurve bow

A recurve bow is made with several parts. These are the following;

  1. Back – This is the bow part that faces your target
  2. Arrow Rest – During the draw, your arrow rests in this area. This might be magnetic flip rests, and spring-loaded rests, or even a fixed rest.
  3. Bow Sight – This is a bow part that can be found at its riser
  4. Belly – This is the one that you can see right in front of you
  5. Brace Height – This is the distance that lies in between the string and the part you take your grip. This is also known as the firtmele. It is used to describe the equal length when your fist is closed while extending your thumb. This shows that you have the right distance between the string and the grip part of the recurve bow. 
  6. Limbs – This is the part of a bow that has the entire works. It is the lower and upper area of a recurve bow. It comes with different types of poundages.
  7. Grip – This is the part of the bow you are holding while using it
  8. Riser – This is the sturdiest bow part since this is the area that holds the limbs
  9. Nocking Point – This is the part where the arrow’s end is located.
  10.  String – This is a material used by the bow to hold the tips of the limbs. Its main work is to deliver enough energy to the limbs before propelling the arrow.

A recurve bow comes with different accessories. One of the important things a recurve bow uses is the bow stringer. It is a piece of important equipment since it will enable you to string the bow safely and consistently. 

Another is an arrow. If you want to learn archery, then you should have a high-quality arrow. Make sure that it is sturdy. You need to purchase several pieces of arrows together with your bow. This will help you to save more than buying it separately.

Also, it is important to have arm guards. For experts, it is not a necessity. But, if you are a beginner, you need something that will protect your arms when you release the strings propelling the arrow.


If you want to start your journey with archery, you need to have a top-notch bow. Well, we experts and professionals highly recommend the recurve bows to beginners. This is because it is easy and convenient to use. 

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