Intex Challenger K2 Kayak

Product Review Intex Challenger K2 Kayak

Introduction Intex Challenger K2 Kayak

The product that I choose is Intex Challenger K2 Kayak. For anyone who does not have the storage space required for a hard-shell kayak, inflatable kayaks are a great option. If you’re traveling a lot, deflate your kayak and store it in a compact bag until you’re ready for a paddle. Many people love to have the best inflatable kayaks on hand because when not in use, they can readily be stored under their rig.

There are a number of other convincing reasons, apart from packaging and storage, why so many individuals prefer inflatable kayaks to their hard-shell counterparts. If you’re a water sports adventure enthusiast, you’d enjoy kayaking, of course.


Product Description Intex Challenger K2 Kayak

The Intex Challenger K2 Kayak is sporty and enjoyable to paddle easily with a simplified structure. The vibrant green color and sporty graphics make the kayak in the water extremely visible and noticeable. There are two 86 “aluminium paddles and an integrated high-performance pump for easy inflation and deflation. It is produced of the rugged, Super-Tough vinyl item which is punctured and Ultraviolet-resistant and also radiation resistant for long-term durability. It is measured with 30x15x138 inches (W x H x D) inflation with a maximum weight limit of 400 pounds.

The kayak includes two 86-inch aluminium paddles, high-capacity pump and patch repair kit. It also features I-beam floor building for rigidity and improved initial stability, and for directional control an essential skeg is included. It also features a big, open, cockpit with a couple of inflatable backrest seats. Besides that, behind the seat, it has plenty of storage room and a cargo net to store extra items in the bow. Unlike other inflatable kayaks, it features only one Boston Valve for inflation and deflation on the primary hull chamber.


  1. Easy to store and keep the Kayak

Inflatable kayaks can be placed in the closet or stored in the basement once they are deflated and rolled up. A folded inflatable kayak’s complete quantity relies on its length and building quality. In general, a suitcase or kayaking expedition bag can occupy with any inflatable kayaks. It can still be stored in a small place if all the air is removed in the kayak.

  • Portable and reliable

An Inflatable Kayak enables the paddler to travel with his very own kayak to remote areas. Naturally, this is helpful for navigating in locations where there is no chance to rent kayaks or where rental services are costly or unreliable. Inflatable Kayaks can be a light and easy baggage to be carried and stored boarding. With inflatable kayak, there is no need load and secure the rigid kayak onto the roof of the car. Only need to drop them in the trunk or position the inflatable kayak in the back seat.

  • Save time and hustle

In order to genuinely bring an inflatable kayak into service, one must take the time to pump up the ship first. However, when compared to conventional kayak, inflatable kayak saves more time due to the time taken to take down a rigid Kayak from the top of a car and carry it up to the water. The time it takes to carry the light inflatable kayak out of the suitcase and setup is way faster than carrying the rigid Kayak from the car.

  • Easy to land onto the Kayak

It is easier to land on inflatable kayak compared to rigid kayaks. We just need to sit on the back deck of the inflatable kayak behind the cockpit to board an inflatable kayak. Need to only place one foot in the cockpit, then slide down into the seat. As easy as it is. Due to inflatable kayaks generally absorb shocks, it is extremely simple to land with an inflatable kayak on the beach. This is a benefit that inflatable kayak have over the other rigid kayaks..

  • Directing and Controlling the Kayak

Beginners gradually learn how to use the double kayak paddle to direct and control the kayaks. Simple re-boarding of inflatable kayaks after being capsized. Beginners can learn on how to avoid being capsized. The inflatable kayak rarely capsize due to its flabby featured which can stick to the water.

  • Turning and Tracking

Rudder is known to provide the paddler with better control over directional changes. The skeg is an easy tool to help track and allow the kayak to remain on course for monitoring. Therefore the inflatable kayak is easy to use and turn when in use. Beginners can easily learn on how to paddle with this inflatable kayak, compared to rigid kayaks.


  1. Upkeep and maintenance

Inflatable Kayaks are very solid and support shocks extremely well. However, the downside of it is the kayak must be cautious with any sharp objects and abrasions. If there is any puncture to the inflatable kayak, a simple patch is required to close the hole. Retaining your inflatable kayak clean can be a extremely time-consuming. When compared, rigid kayaks can be washed and rinsed before they are stored, while inflatable kayaks must be thoroughly dried before they are folded and tucked into the bag.

  • Speed and Distance Travelled Per Unit Time

Speed is obviously a weakness of inflatable kayaks in crosswinds or adverse situations. The stiffer the kayak is, the more effectively it can be propelled through the water. This makes the rigid kayak better than the inflatable kayak. Composite kayaks are among the fastest kayaks, but expert paddlers can keep a good velocity with an inflatable kayak in semi-extreme wind and neutral sea situations.

  • Uncomfortable when pressure not sufficient

Inflatable kayaks do not easily work when there is less pressure and more weight. They become very soft and flabby in some situations. To guarantee the kayak is comfortable and smooth, the inflatable kayaks should be inflated to the suggested pressure.

  • Strength and Robustness

Inflatable Kayak are fragile and soft. The covering is made of materials which are abrasion  and puncture resistant usually. However, it’s the kayak is not secured in wild and extreme situations. The durability is lesser when compared to rigid kayaks

  • Security and Safety

In high winds, the paddlers need to put effort to control the kayak and to sustain the required direction of destination. In the event of capsize (overturn), it would be a little impossible to swim and get the inflatable kayak as it is can easily be carried away by the wind due to its lightweight features.

As shown there are other alternative products in the market which is inflatable Kayaks. Each of them has their unique features which caters the need of the consumer. Some of the product may be costly due to the raw material used to produce the Kayak.  Besides that, some of the kayak comes with additional accessories which may help the person for his adventure. However, as compared in market the Intex challenger is considered as affordable and come with a premium look. It’s the worthiest kayak so far in Amazon.

Comments or Feedback

Feedback of this kayak can definitely be both good and bad. It depends on the type and taste of the consumer. Some of the inflatable kayak cannot satisfy some consumers due to its limited features when compared to rigid kayak.  As seen below the consumer has given good feedback on the kayak. Seems to be the benefits as highlighted earlier.

On the other hand, bad reviews can be usually warranty and guaranty. For an instance, the consumer above was not satisfied with the product when he received it with a hole in it. However, the product was not checked by the consumer immediately when received. The review is due to consumer’s careless. It should be checked immediately when received as the platform promised for an exchange in an event of defective materials

Recommendation and Conclusion

In my point of view, I would suggest others to buy this product since there is a lot of pros rather than cons. The kayak has more benefits than downside. Besides that, this products comes with extremely good features which can cater about almost all beginner and amateur paddlers. When comes to price, the Intex Inflatable Kayak is the most affordable kayak in market with worthy features and characteristics. Hence, I will stand on my point and stress to consumer to grab this product while it last in the market.