Hunt Possums at Night

Learn and Understand About How to Hunt Possums at Night

Introduction How to Hunt Possums at Night 

Hunting for possums isn’t very common but they’re fun to hunt and if you’ve never done it, it’s worth trying out. Possum hunting doesn’t require a lot of skill or equipment, which is an obvious advantage. This article will explain about Hunt Possums at Night  that you can be used as the guideline when want to hunt possums at the jungle or fields.

How to Hunt Possums at Night 

  • Shooting possums
  • Trapping
  • Finding the Baits
  • Hunting Lights
  • Prepare the Coon Dog
  • Safety gear and equipment

This article will explain the technique and information about possums and how to hunt for it.

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Hunting possums during the night provide its own challenges and opportunity because possum is very aggresive animals during the night and can attack you if you are not planning carefully. Possum can be found mostly at the tree and they will jumping around from tree to another tree.

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They aren’t hard to hunt or find at night once you know how to do it. We’ll tell you how it’s done at night and we’ve also got some tips to help you get as many possums as possible!

Shooting possums

There are a few ways to hunt possums, and one of the most popular ways and the one most hunters prefer is using a gun/rifle. A .22 LR is a great gun for hunting possums and is recommended by many hunters. You can also use a .223 or a .17 HMR. You should never forget a good flashlight when your’e hunting or just get a big spotlight and drive around in your car or truck., whatever you prefer. When you shoot a possum, it is best to hit it under the chin, that’s where you should aim, but there are different places to aim that would kill just as well as shooting the possum under the chin, and there are various techniques to follow.


Another method is using traps. Put your trap in a possum habitat and wait overnight, that’s pretty much it! This might take longer then just shooting them up but it still works great. You can also put your traps in your backyard if you live near possums.

Bait is very important when Hunt Possums at Night 

Both shooting and trapping are so much easier when you use some good bait. Apples, corn and peanut butter are all great baits to use when hunting possums. Spreading corn in a field will attract possums very well but really, you can use any of those three and you’ll have plenty of possums to hunt. Peanut butter works good when it is spread on traps.

Consider getting a coon dog

Coon dogs are helpful when hunting for possums so it’s a good idea to get yourself a good coon dog. However, this is totally optional and you can definitely hunt possums at night without a coon dog.

Here are some more helpful tips to help with your hunting:

  • Look for their eyes. Always look for the eyes when hunting possums, it’ll help you spot them at night.
  • Just drive around. You don’t have to stay in one spot, you can drive around. This will save you time and you’ll shoot more possums up.
  • You can use your trash as a bait. Possums love garbage so instead of using corn apples or peanut butter you can put your trash out and sit there waiting for possums. People do this on their porches or backyards and it works great. No equipment needed, just your .22 and that trash.
  • There are different ways to hunt possums and you can pick the one that’s best for you. You can never go wrong with shooting them or setting traps and don’t forget your bait and good light. Good luck hunting!