how to hunt coyote at night

6 Important Tips Learn and Understand How to Hunt Coyote at Night

Introduction How to Hunt Coyote at Night

Bow hunting is an exciting sport if you are interested in it. Some individuals are seasoned in the activity and find it quite a lot of fun. However, bow hunting needs mastery of the use of the bow and the arrow and may be a little bit frustrating on the onset.

This article explain about how to hunt coyote at night that is important for bow hunters to learn and understand the environment at jungle when hunting.

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How to Hunt Coyote at Night

Hunting coyote required a good technique and must be aware of surrounding because coyote are smart animals. Hunting coyotes required a lot of preparation and must stay alert with the current environment.

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Hunting coyote must also follow guideline and procedure just like hunting for animals such as duck, elk, moose, hog, alligator, wolf, lion, elephant, doves and many other animals. There are certain guide and rules that must be follow before hunting for coyote.

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With continued use, you may be able to perfect the skill.

Coyotes can be hunted both during the day and at night. But since these creatures are nocturnal predators, it is much easier to find and track them at night. The coyotes hunt in groups, and you will rarely find them alone. When you chase the coyotes during the day, it is much easier to aim and shoot at them, but the challenge sets in when you want to hunt them at night.

There are, therefore, a lot of factors that you are supposed to consider and factor in your preparation.

Factors to consider when bow hunting a coyote at night

Type of bow to use when hunt coyote at night

The bow to be used for hunting the coyotes has to be the right one for the spot. This bow should be able to give you maximum accuracy, shooting power and comfort while using it. There are several bows used in night hunting, but the best is the compound bow.

It comes with stabilizer bars, wheels, adjustable sights and cams for maximum efficiency. It allows you to get multiple shots very fast, provides you with shooting accuracy and easy to use. It is small and comfortable hence can be easily hidden. The other bows are the longbow which used traditionally yet it is not very accurate and is cumbersome. The re-curved bow can also is another option. It is shorter, more powerful and effective on horseback.

Camouflage when hunt coyote at night

Camouflage is an essential factor when hunting at night. The coyotes have excellent night and day vision. For you to shoot efficiently, you will need to blend with the surrounding. A camouflage suit is mostly recommended and very ideal for this kind of hunting.

Coyote hunting season when hunt coyote at night

Knowing the coyote hunting season is one of the best ways to maximize your hunt. During the fall, many young coyotes are usually out, and you can use a prey distress call. Winters make coyotes very active in the day times, and most of the hunters are out looking for them. The coyotes spend the spring building their dens, and the hunters can use their howls for calling. Most hunters do not go hunting during the summer and consider it an off-season. Therefore the best time for hunting coyotes is during the winters.

Safety when hunt coyote at night

When you are out hunting at night, your safety is of primary concern. The bows and arrows and the presence of the wild animals necessitate certain precautions that you need to take. You need to have a plan before setting out hunting and inform your partners beforehand. Some of the things you are supposed for your safety include:

  • Approaching the place of hunting downwind.Have a first aid kit with enough suppliesKeep a fire starter pack that is easily accessible.
  • Wearing camouflage, including protective gloves, face net and boots.Carry enough water and food supply, and your vehicle should have enough gas.

Conclusion for hunt coyote at night

Bow hunting coyote at night remains to be one of the most entertaining sports that you can practice. It gives you an experience like no other and also helps in improving your scouting abilities and shooting skills with the bow and arrow.

It should be noted here that when hunt coyote at night must be done properly and must know how to take care of yourself at the jungle.

These are some of the essential factors that you need to bear in mind as you go night hunting for coyotes. We hope you enjoy the sport.