How to Shoot a Compound Bow

Learn on How to Shoot a Compound Bow: 5 Tips and Power Infos that you must know

How to Shoot A Compound Bow?

Your love for archery would require the knowledge of certain skills also. With this article, we will teach you how to shoot a compound bow including the details about the correct posture required and the proper handling of the bowstring to aid you to meet your targets. 

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How to shoot a compound bow:What you must know

Posture when shooting a compound bow

A key factor in archery is the right posture that you must maintain to hit the targets well. You must ensure that you are standing tall as well as keeping your back straight. Keeping your body in such a manner would ensure better stability, especially in windy conditions as well as help you make use of the muscles in the back leading you to a better hit.

You must also know and learn how to shoot a compound bow for beginners if you want to involved in hunting.

Before starting to aim, you must first take a deep breath from your belly and let your shoulders relax and drop down a little. Having your neck and shoulders relaxed with the shoulders blade down is the best posture for archery. Along with all this, you must mind that your head is in a neutral position with your eyes focusing directly on the target. 

To ensure that you are in the right posture, the first step is to align your body in a straight line, from your head to your feet. You must at all points keep your core engaged to ensure that your body is well aligned and that your body weight is falling equally on your feet. 60% of the bodyweight must fall on the balls of the feet while the rest 40% should fall on the heels. 

Nocking the arrow

 You should know how to attach your arrow to the bowstring. It is called nocking since the particular part which gets attached to the string is referred to as the nock. This process is extremely simple where you must take a bow from your quiver and line it up so that the feather bow is pointing upwards followed by which you need to push the nock on the bowstring.

The nock must find a space in the middle of the bowstring around the D-loop. Make sure that you have heard a click sound whenever you attach the arrow which would ensure that the arrow has been attached nicely. Now, setting your arrow atop the arrow rest would complete this step. 

There are varied ways in which the nocking process can be done; it differs from person to person. However, what matters is not the process you are following, but the actual nocking, if it is being done in a way which is safe as well as efficient.

Hooking when shooting a compound bow

This step involves attaching the release aid and the D-loop to further position your hand on it and move closer to getting the perfect strike. You would need to lock the release in place, this process can be done before attaching it to the D-loop or even after, completely depending on the kind of release you are making use of.

There are different release aid options open for the users to practice. For the beginners, the best option is to use  a wrist strap release aid for which is buckled on the hand releasing the bowstring followed by which it is activated by pressing the trigger using the index finger. The other releases available might be held in the hand and then further be activated using the thumb or muscle movements. 

To ensure that you are using the release aid nicely you must make sure that you are extremely relaxed while pressing the trigger and that you are not cupping it in any way.

You must, in all cases, keep your hand flat with only that much tension which is making sure that the release doesn’t fall down from your hand. Make sure that you get yourself into a comfortable position since this is the exact same way in which your hand will rest until the final sot is released. You must try to keep your thumb far away from the trigger until you have properly stretched it back to avoid releasing a shot by mistaken. 

Griping shooting compound bow

This is the last important step which must be well in place to ensure that you make the perfect hit. Gripping is the way in which you position the hand which hold the bow on the bow grip. For the best shots, try to keep your grip the same for every next shot you are taking as it will avoid any unpredictable shots which might go too high, too low, left or right without you wanting so.

The grip plays an important part in the shot you are going to hit. For the best grip, try to keep the palm or the fleshy part of the thumb somewhere in the middle of the bow grip. 

The pressure point is extremely important for the right grip which is further important for the right shot. You must make sure that your grip is relaxed with the thumb pointing directly to the target and your fingers having a 45 degree curve towards the bow itself. The pressure point should be placed exactly in the middle and your grip must not be tensed as it might lead to the arrow getting a wrong direction.

Having the pressure point placed at the right spot would infuse you with the power to make a good hit. To figure out the pressure point exactly, you can try a pushup or hold you had against a wall to see which part is coming in absolute contact with the surface and giving strength to your hand. 


Following all these steps as they have been listed would help you to shoot a compound bow well and hit the targets that you have set up for yourself. These are easy steps but play a big role in determining how often you meet the target and how smooth your experience would be. Archery can be extremely fun when you are able to hit the targets well, which can be ensured by the proper utilization of the compound bow. 

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