Spear Hunting Boar

Learn on How to Spear Hunting Boar-5 Important Tips for hunters

Introduction to Spear Hunting Boar

Hunting a boar with a spear could be one of the oldest hunting methods. Both the spear hunting and boar hunting is similar. This article will explain about spear hunting boar that you can use as the guideline when you want to spear hunting boar in the jungle.

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How to Spear Hunting Bear:

  1. Must be treated carefully
  2. Cautious and plan carefully
  3. Know your hunting weapon
  4. Know the environment
  5. Prepare for the worst-case scenario

This is because, as we all know, the spear is traditional equipment in hunting a boar.

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Spear hunting boar is a very dangerous activities and must be treated carefully by the hunters. Boar can become a very aggressive animals and can attack people easily.

Hunting boar in the jungle must be done with cautious and plan carefully and as a hunters you must know the trick and technique when want to spear hunting boar.

This is also a hunting weapon that is always present in every corner of the globe. A spear hunting boar is a well-known sport. You need to have a specially constructed spear to hunt a boar. 

Pig sticking is the most commonly used term to identify boar hunting. This is being performed through sticking both feet of a boar. A group of men usually perform this sport. The military officers in Britain have also adapted this sport. This is because they believed that an angry, wild, and startled boar signifies a desperate fighter.

This only means that the boar hunters should have a courageous heart, cool head, firm seat, steady hand, and a good eye. These are the characteristics that should possess by a good military officer.

Hunting of boars is being done with the use of spears. This is because, for the past few decades, it is considered by many as an effective tool in hunting a brutal and too aggressive boar. The designs of the said tool are effective in maximizing its use. Not only that, but it also ensures that the hunters will use it safely. 

There is spear equipment, which is known to be the strongest and thickest hunting tool. This is the Boar spear shaft. It comes with a shorter handle compared with the average spear of a military. Thus, a hunter can have a good grip on it.

The spear hunting boar equipment is constructed to produce massive and deeper damage to the boar with just one jab or throw. It features a strong and wide head. At its end, you can notice two wings. The main work of these wings is to prevent deeper penetration into the pig. 

As a result, the boar will start to gets weak while being attacked by the hunter. It will also help you to remove it to throw a jab again.

Since the US comes with lots of forests, there is no doubt that they

have the largest numbers of wild pigs. In connection with that, spear hunting boar is a well-known sport in the US. But take note that this kind of sport may be exciting yet dangerous.

Keep in mind that an attacked boar will not stop attacking you and tend to be more aggressive. Make sure that you have the equipment that you can use in dealing with them. You might consider taking a firearm with you. 


As mentioned earlier, spear hunting is a dangerous act. Thus, you always need to hunt prepared and take a firearm with you as your precautionary measure in case you encounter an aggressive boar. Make sure that you will not hunt a boar by yourself.

This sport will determine your strength, patience, and skills. Hunting a boar with a spear is a different experience rather than attacking your enemy with a rifle.

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