Bow fishing at New Orleans

Learn the tips how to Bow fishing at New Orleans

Introduction Bow fishing at New Orleans

Bowfishing is a popular sport across the United States and more and more people are becoming involved. New Orleans is a prime location for bowfishing for a number of reasons. This article will explains about Bow fishing at New Orleans that you can use as the guidelines when want to Bow fishing at New Orleans.

Bow fishing at New Orleans

But before you head out, read this short guide so you know what you can and can’t do in New Orleans, as well as some prime bowfishing spots to make the most of your trip. The marshes of New Orleans present interesting challenges for bowfishing and the chance to catch some fish restricted and hard to find elsewhere in the United States, so enjoy and good luck fishing.

Who can bow fishing at New Orleans?

New Orleans is under the management of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and they allow bowfishing. You will need a basic recreational fishing license to shoot fish with a bow in Louisiana, so make sure you get this in order before setting off. If you plan to take advantage of the sea water bowfishing opportunities you will also need a saltwater license. Get both just to make sure you don’t miss out on any choice spots, or you can get a Sportman’s Paradise license that covers both types. People under 16 or born before January 1st 1940 do not need a license in Louisiana.

What fish can you catch?

Top fish for bowfishing in Louisiana include black drum, sheepshead, flounder and catfish. Rays are a New Orleans specialty as well, so keep your eyes peeled for them. However, the top fish to look for is large redfish, as these game fish are legal (within limits) in Louisiana unlike most states! You can also catch alligator gar in limited quantities. Be aware that game fish are generally not permitted for fishing, so check with the local authorities to make sure as it varies from place to place.

Where should you go?

As bowfishing is growing in popularity there are a large number of organizations offering special bow fishing packages in New Orleans. It’s worth checking these out to for a first time trip. Otherwise, head out to the salt marshes for the best chance to get some prime bowfishing in. Lake Hermitage (southeast of New Orleans) is a great place to check out. Bridge Bay is an excellent spot for bass if that’s your interest. Bonnet Carre spillway is one of the top places to bag bass, speckled trout and even gar, so be sure to check that out as well. Tchefunte River is another prime spot for bowfishing in the summer. As you can see, New Orleans is a great place for bowfishing. Plaquemines Parish is another great place to look for your bowfishing prey.

Restrictions when want to bow fishing at New Orleans

Be sure to check out the individual regulations for each place you bowfish at as they might be specific to the area. In general be weary of catching game fish, and make sure you have a salt water license if you’ll be hunting salt water fish. New Orleans has a great variety of fresh and saltwater fish available so be sure to check out everything it has to offer the aspiring bowfisherman.


It should be noted here that when want to Bow fishing at New Orleans you must be prepare the bow fishing equipment that is reliable and all the gear that suitable for bow fishing at New Orleans. You can get the best experience and anjoy the best scenery when you bow fishing at New Orleans.