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Learning on How to Make Bow and Arrow Easy: 6 Tips and important info

Information Make Bow and Arrow Easy

Do you want to learn how to make a Bow and Arrow? Do you know that it is not difficult to make a bow and arrow even though you do not have any skills? This article explains how to make a bow and arrow easy without sweat or break your legs.

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How to make bow and arrow easy

  • Making the Bow using the suitable tree
  • Flexible branches
  • Oak or maple and it needs to have a thick diameter of around 7 inches
  • Making Arrows from the tree
  • Find sticks that are about 20-30 inches long
  • Sharpen down one end into a sharp point using your knife

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Is is hope that this article will give you information about the bow and arrow that you can use in hunting. There are many weapon that you can use in hunting such as compound bow, crossbow, recurve bow, hunting knife and gun.

This weapon will helps you hunting the animals such as elk, moose, duck, wolf, coyote, bear, hog, boar, lion, and many more. Learning on how to create and make bow and arrow will helps you in the long term.

Making The Bow

  1. Go outside and find a tree that has flexible branches. It may be better to find a sapling tree and use its trunk instead (just make sure it is not in your neighbor’s yard). Some good choices include oak or maple and it needs to have a thick diameter of around 7 inches. The length of the bow is up to you but if you want a traditional longbow to look for at least 5-6ft.

  1. Find a sharp knife and begin to debark the entire piece of wood. After all the bark has been removed carve one side of the bowl until smooth. You will have to remove quite a large chunk of material but make sure you do not remove too much so the bow does not break under tension. The side from which you have removed the material will become the inside of your bow. Around the middle of your bow remove some excess material from each side to decrease its diameter. This is the grip handle for your bow and should therefore not be any longer than roughly the width of your hand.
  2. Next, your bow needs to be tapered becoming thinner towards its end. Starting at the edge of your grip, use your knife to remove excess material and taper the bow down towards its edges. Once you have tapered down your bow and have refined it according to your tastes you will need to carve small notches that will be used to support your drawstring. Use a file to carve notches on both sides of your bow around 1 1/2 inches from its ends. Make sure to do this on both sides of the bow so in total it should have four notches, two on each end.

Then simply tie a strong piece of cord on to one side of your bow, using the grooves you have just made. Step on the bottom of your bow to put it under tension and bend it outwards by leaning into it using your body-weight. Once the bow is under enough tension, and you do not see any cracks appearing, tightly tie the other side of your cord to the top notches on your bow. And there you have it, your DIY bow is complete!

Making Arrows

1, Find sticks that are about 20-30 inches long and as straight as humanly possible. This is key for making sure your arrows don’t end up flying where you do not want them to.

2, Sharpen down one end into a sharp point using your knife. You can also use a process called fire hardening where you move the sharpened arrow head around over an open flame to increase your its durability, but this is optional. Then carve a groove on the non-sharpened end so you can place the draw string into it when preparing to fire your bow.

And that’s it, you are finished making an arrow! However, we would recommend you also attach some cardboard or feather fletching in order to stabilize the arrows flight path and increase its accuracy.

Conclusion on how to make bow and arrow easy

It should be noted here that when you want to create bow and arrow you must understand the principle of it. There are many websites that provide you with information on how to making a bow and arrow. You can also watch the tutorials at Youtube.com to give more understanding about it.

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