Ohio deer hunting

What You Must Know About Ohio Deer Hunting: 5 Tips and Impact of it

Ohio Deer Hunting

It hasn’t been long since Ohio has been added to the must-go places for hunters due to the many big whitetails it holds. This article explains about Ohio deer hunting that you can learn and understand when want to hunt animal at Ohio.

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It has been a result of proper deer management programs that have given this stature to Ohio. Along with this, the proper habitat and productive soil of Ohio make one among the best places to pursue deer hunting.

There is an allowance to harvest only one antlered deer per year which gives ample time for the deer to grow, further helping you to get your hands on a deer which is genuinely a trophy.

This is a helpful custom, as against people who first harvest a deer whenever they chance to see one and then keep following the pursuit of a real trophy. The hunters at Ohio are permitted to hunt only one buck which just like other states which follow this policy gives complete satisfaction to the goals of the hunter.

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The bow season at Ohio commences on September 29 and goes through till February 3 which makes it one of the longest dear seasons of any state. The Gun season goes on from November 26 to December 2 and also on December 15 and 16. Muzzleloader season goes on from January 5-8 and lastly, Youth deer gun season goes on from November 17-18.

Ohio houses an estimated 7,50,000 whitetails and gives a permit for about 4,00,00 every year. Along with this, an extra benefit is that you can purchase the non-resident tags over the counter which gives the hunter ample amount of time to plan for their hunt without worrying about if they would ever get caught or not.

Another advantage that you get hunting deer at Ohio is a cost advantage since like other hunting states which allow the same pleasure at the cost of hundreds of dollars, hunting at Ohio comes much cheaper. For a non-resident, the total cost is $182.50 which is inclusive of both the license as well as the permit with the license costing $141.50 and the permit costing $41. On the other hand, for residents the hunting license comes at a cost of $19 and a deer permit can be brought for another $24making the total experience cost $43.

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Now let us study some numbers to get a better idea of what your experience could be like if you visit Ohio for deer hunting.

The Crockett and Boone entries make a very impressive count in Ohio with the state having a total of 385 non-typical and 591 typical entries. The on record numbers measure 201 1/8” which is on the 11th number of all times. The largest non-typical measured 328 2/8” which ranks as the second-highest non-typical of all times but was unfortunately found dead and not killed by a hunter. This is an example to showcase the amazing trophies that Ohio is capable of getting you. In the same category, the largest non-typical which was hunted measured 295 3/8” which is ranked as number 8 of all times. There are endless possibilities of getting a big hit in Ohio but they also depend majorly on the right deer outfitter which manages the property as well as on the deer herd so as to produce deer which have come to their optimum potential.

What makes the Ohio Deer Hunting whitetails special?

There are reasons behind why the Ohio whitetails are the way they are, one of which happens to be the habitat that they are provided with, the terrain and the soil which is present in the area. All across Ohio, there is mostly agricultural land having soybeans and corn.

These row crops are growing on the fertile soil which the deer consume providing them all the nutrients that they require to get to their full potential.

In addition to the agricultural fields, there are Oak-Hickory forests, commonly found in the Midwest and comprise of maple, beech and other species. These forests are scattered among the agricultural lands of Ohio giving the deer enough space.

Ohio Deer Hunting Seasons

The agriculture also moves to become deep and rugged when the terrain becomes favorable. All these factors together provide the ideal habitat for deer giving them access to enough nutrition and at the same time providing them with a forest habitat and an ideal edge. Moreover, landowners, outfitters and hunters are still working together for improving the habitat throughout the state making it friendlier for deer. Along with this, selective harvest practice and deer management hand in hand with Ohio Department of Natural Resources make sure that bag limits, as well as, the season are the best for deers first followed by that of the hunters.

With the state having 95% private ownership, the best idea would be to look for an outfitter to take you around. With the perfect outfitter, you can easily get your hands on a trophy class deer, the top-notch accommodations as well as free-range and preserve hunting.

Having a good outfitter would increase your chances of having a better experience hence you must spend time on securing the best one for yourself to further ameliorate your deer hunting experience. There are some basic things that you must know about getting a good outfitter after which you would easily be able to secure one.


Having known about the basics of hunting at Ohio, you must be quite fascinated owing to its trophy level whitetails. Ohio is not only a good deer hunting spot in the Midwest but it has a good rank in the whole world with excellent deer range. Ohio deer hunting comes with a lot of added benefits such as lesser cost than usual, availability of tags over the counter as well as extraordinary trophy deer. You can pursue your hunting ambitions perfectly in this area with having to worry only about your hunting skills and nothing else. Coming to Ohio and hunting would be a lifetime experience that you would cherish throughout your life having dug your hands at an extraordinary deer.

Back your stuff and directly go hunting at Ohio Deer Hunting!

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