Olympic Archery Distance

Olympic Archery Distance: 3 Important skills for archery

Archery was introduced in the Olympics in the year 1900. Since then, there have been many controversies related to archery. This article explains Olympic Archery Distance that important for trainer and player to understand when want to compete in the Olympic Games.

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It was excluded for 52 years and was again introduced in the year 1972.

When it comes to archery in the Olympics, people are mostly concerned about the Olympic Archery Distance. Olympics Archery Distance:

The distance between the archer and the target is 77 yards or 70 meters in the Olympics. The marks are circular and often known as butts. The archer has to aim and shoot these buts with the arrow.

The archers have to participate in different sets instead of rounds. It makes the sport even more interesting to watch.

Equipment used by Archers in Olympic Archery:

Usually, archers used different types of the bow when it comes to the archery competition. But in the Olympics, they can only use a Recurve Bow. This type of bow is very complicated and challenging as the curve of the limbs is on the opposite side.

  • Men: Men have to use a bow with an average draw weight of 48.5 pounds. 
  • Women: Women have to use a bow with an average draw weight of 33 pounds.

Olympic Archery Distance Target:

As we have discussed above, the archers have to hit the target, which is circular. It is a five-color circular target. The diameter of the circle is 122 meters. There are ten rings where the archers can shoot. Each ring has separate points. The size of each ring is 12.2 centimeters. Here are the scores for each ring.

  • Gold: The innermost ring, which is of gold color, gives the archer 10 and 9 points—ten points for the inner circle and 9 for the outer gold.
  • Red: The archers get 8 points for the inner red ring and 7 points for the outer red ring.
  • Blue: The archers get 6 points for the inner blue ring and 5 points for the outer blue ring.
  • Black: The archers get 4points for the inner black ring and 3 points for the outer black ring.
  • White: The archers get 2points for the inner white ring and 1 point for the outer white ring.

Individual Competition for Olympic Archery Distance:

In individual completion, the first round is the ranking round. The archers have to shoot 72 arrows. The total score of each archer is calculated, and they are given ranks from 1 to 64. 

After that, they have to face elimination rounds. Here, there are sets of 3 arrows. The archers have to shoot against each other. Each archer gets 20 seconds to shoot the arrow. The one who wins move ahead, and the one who loses goes home.

This continues until only two archers are remaining for gold. There is a match between the two archers. The one who wins receives a gold medal. The loser gets the silver medal. The semi-finalists then compete for bronze.

Team Competition in Olympic Archery:

There are three archers in each team representing their country. They have to shoot arrows and are then awarded ranks form 1 to 12.

The elimination round is the same as individual completion.

In the final, the teams have to shoot 24 arrows. The one who scores more points win.

This is all you need to know about Olympic archery and the target distance.