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Introduction Ottoza Custom Handmade Damascus Tracker Knife

Whether it is an outdoor camping, hunting expeditions or even simple outdoor activities, a quality tracker knife can assist in accomplishing multiple and diverse tasks and the fact that they fit in a pocket makes it even better for whatever the location. Ottoza Custom Handmade Damascus Tracker Knife with bone handle is a multipurpose tool which can accomplishes numerous and diverse survival tasks.

It is a high quality handmade damascus tracker knife with sharp and durable blade. Its underlying design is made to allow its effective performance of activities such as hunting, camping, tracking and bush crafting. Bone handle is easy to use however handle color may slightly vary because it is a natural material. Accompanied by cow or buffalo leather tracker knife sheath, this is an amazing accessory in every outdoor expedition. This survival knife come in handy size that allows ease of portability and usage. However, it is also a decorative knife for collectors. Knife collectors would love to keep it as one of their precious collection as this beautiful handcrafted knife will be a piece of art for display. Some collectors will regard it as a symbol of tough and accomplishment. 

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Product Descriptions Ottoza Custom Handmade Damascus Tracker Knife

Ottoza Custom Handmade Damascus Tracker Knife is high quality handmade Damascus tracker knife with sharp and durable blade. Ottoza has 10 inch Damascus steel tracker knife which was made with the utmost quality and detail which consist of 5 inch handle and 5 inch blade. It is a perfect outdoor knife as it can be used to hunting, camping, fighting, combat and bushcraft. This is what make it the best survival knife. The design of the knife is very unique, therefore it can act as display in your house so that guest can admire its exquisite craftmanship.

Pro or Benefits of it Ottoza Custom Handmade Damascus Tracker Knife

This knife will not rust, given that it is under proper care. It will lasts for years with proper care. When you are not using it, it should be wipe dry from water or oil.

Cons or Downside of it Ottoza Custom Handmade Damascus Tracker Knife

Price is above average for knife with same usage.

Is there any other alternative products? Ottoza Custom Handmade Damascus Tracker Knife

Yes, there are many alternative products which has similar usage as Ottoza Custom Handmade Damascus Tracker Knife. WolfKlinge DCX17-67 Handmade Damascus Steel Hunter + Trackker is a product that can replace Ottoza custom handmade Damascus tracker knife. The blade is designed for cutting and chopping tasks. The handle is long and made for any size. It is great for camping, skinning, and hunting. The knife comes with a handcrafted Cowhide leather Sheath and a lifetime replacement guarantee.

All our knives are 100% handmade and hand-forged. Another one is the T-3 Hunted Sweeper Black Hunting Bowie Tracker knife. T-3 hunting tracker is an amazingly thick yet functional item purposely designed to suit the very intense job. It comes with a double edge blade which is a boost to both its flexibility and reliability. It also boasts stainless steel material-a symbol of resilience and durability. Besides being full tang, its upper side is serrated on the upper spine. T-3 blade boasts black stained wooden grips (natural) inspiring a natural feeling when held. Nevertheless, the main attraction of this particular knife is its numerous functions that allow it to act as a hatchet, knife, machete, saw, striker and wedge. What makes it different with Ottoza is T-3 come with natural wooden grip while Ottoza equipped with bone handle.

Any comments or feedback from the online review that you can shared? –

look at review There are total 4 review found. One of the customers say he like the knife and sheath. The knife is heavy duty and the case is nice quality, made of thick leather. He is extremely happy with this purchase. He has spent more money on leather sheaths alone, which was why he was unsure of this deal. To his surprise, the knife with leather sheaths only charged at one price. The other customer commented that the quality of the knife alone astonished him as Ottoza really pouring their effort on the knife. Sharp as hell, full tang, sturdy handle. The sheath comprised of thick leather which make the hand grip comfortable. This knife worth 5 stars. Most customers bought it for its uses. But after some time, they realize its design is really fascinating. Tuff, heavy duty and it looks good. Most of the customers commented that it is an excellent useable tool. However, there are one customer who think that the sheath is bulky but easy to work with.

Do you recommended to buy the products?

Overall, I would recommend to buy the product because of the characteristics of the product. Firstly, it is a multipurpose tool which can be used in many occasion and activities. Secondly, this knife is a beautiful handcrafted piece of art which can act as decoration in the house. i) Conclusion If you are looking for a typical survival knife and one aspect it ought to guarantee is its adaptability to numerous uses such as hunting, camping, fighting and so on. After all, in an unfamiliar camping site or any other unfamiliar location, you never know what to expect right?

Imagine buying an item that you expect to take you through a tough and rough campsite expedition or any other challenging task and it craves in on its initial minutes of usage! It will be very disappointing right? To avert such surprises, it is important to go for resilient and durable items that guarantee you uncompromised service wherever and whenever. Choose Ottoza Custom Handmade Damascus Tracker Knife to ease you wherever you go!