Predator Archery RAPTOR Compound

Review Predator Archery RAPTOR Compound Bow Kit-5 Important Criteria for hunters

Introduction Predator Archery RAPTOR Compound Bow Kit Review

Called the “RAPTOR”, this is a compound bow which is very popular in modern archery. This article will explain about Predator Archery RAPTOR Compound bow Kit Review that is important for hunter to know about it before hunting animals.

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Essentially, unlike the simple traditional bow, the compound bow utilises a levering system to bend the limbs of the bow. Typically, the levering system is made of cables and pulleys.

The compound bow are usually used by archery enthusiasts in hunting and target practice session. The Raptor compound bow is sold by a business called “Predator Archery”, priced at between US$239.95 to US$349.93. The product is made in the United States of America.

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Product Description Predator Archery RAPTOR Compound bow Kit

  • The Raptor compound bow is available in two colours namely balck and camo.
  • The bow’s draw length is adjustable by 24.5 inches to 31 inches. Meanwhile the drawweight is about 30 pounds to 70 pounds without needing a bow press.
  • The axle to axle length is 30 inches and the compound bow weighs about 3.6 pounds. Raptor also sports a best in class 315 feet per second when at max settings with a 350 grain arrow.
  • The cam or pulley of the bow is made from fully machined aluminium with zero plastic. This is similar to the compound bows available in the market within the same price range as the Raptor compound bow.

Pro or Benefits of it?-Predator Archery RAPTOR Compound bow Kit Review

  • The product comes with good quality and useful accessories. The accessories are as follows:-➢ 5-pin sight with light and level ➢ Biscuit style rest
    ➢ Stabiliser
    ➢ 4-arrow quiver➢ String stop
    ➢ Peep sight and d-loop come pre-installed with the compound bow
    ➢ Comes with an allen wrench set and a 2 inch target with 10 point scoring
  • The Raptor compound bow eases the usage by archers as it reduces substantially the weight using compound design➢ 75% of the weight is eliminated, this means a person only needs to hold 17.5 pounds, if he or she wants to pull 70 pounds.
  •  The bow also features a split yoke tuning system, allowing for precise adjustments and proper arrow flight.
  • It comes with a warranty and a 100% guarantee for the first 30 days upon purchase

Cons or Downside of it?

  • Not long lasting.
  • Certain parts of the compound bow comes off easily.
  • While warranty is offered, the response given when claiming warranty is very poor. No arrows or release provided.

Are the any alternatives products?

Yes, there are many other alternative yet similar products in the market. However, other products are higher in price. Raptor is the third best seller among compound bow on Amazon.

Examples of alternatives:

Any comments that you can shared?

On Amazon, the overall customer rating for the Raptor compound bow is overwhelmingly positive, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. A total of 165 customer ratings have been given, of which:-

  • 5-star: 73%
  • 4-star: 15%
  • 3-star: 6%
  • 2-star: 1%
  • 1-star: 5%

Meanwhile, a total of 162 customer reviews were recorded for the product, showing that the Raptor compound bow has received strong support from customers.

Examples of top reviews:-

  •  Customers have commended the compound bow as durable and fully adjustable.
  • Offers strong force when arrow is shot
  • Easy to adjust pull strength.
  • Setup was easy. Adjustment screws on the bow are solid and not poor quality.
  • Price of the Raptor suits the good features of the bow.

Examples of bad reviews:-

  • Not long lasting.
  • Cable guard came out of the bow within 2 weeks of use.
  • Very long to claim warranty and no proper response.
  • The product does not arrive in packaging as shown in picture.
  • Some parts of the bow do not hold tight.

Do you recommended to buy the products?

Yes I recommended 100%

Yes, I recommend to buy the compound bow. Despite several criticisms from the previous buyers, overall, the Raptor is a good product for its price which is more affordable than other compound bows in the market. This bow is particularly good for beginners in archery as it allows sharp targeting with less energy or force needed to shoot the arrows.


The Raptor has good features, warranty offer, functionality and comes at an affordable price. However, after frequent use in a few months’ time, the bow’s certain features can come off easily. Most people who have bought the bow are contented with its service and use, as it is a good buy. The biggest attraction of the compound bow is its affordable price, warranty offer and interesting features.

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