Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter

Product Review Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter Knife

Introduction Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter Knife

If you are looking for a tiny yet dependable knife for your hunting session, this knife would be your best partner for survival. This article explains about Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter Knife that you can use as the guideline when you want to know about hunting using a knife when in the jungle.

Hunting using a knife is juts like a Rambo when you want to hunt animals. There are many animals that you can hunt when such as moose, elk, duck, coyote, raccoon, elephant, mountain lion, bird and many more.

Hunting using the knife is very challenging if you don’t learn the technique and skills required. If you are hunters, you must know the best hunting knife that you can use when you want to hunt animals in the jungle.

It is a satin-finished knife made out of stainless steel that can resist rust. It is an ideal type of lightweight hidden knife suitable for pouch or bag and belt carry. 

This knife by Benchmade weighs 3.9 ounces and with a span length of 6.78 centimeters. The clade thickness is about 3.56 millimeters, with a long drop point flexible for any skinning and utility. It has one jump edge near the handle to ease the grasping capacity.

Another one is located towards the tip of the knife to gain precise direction. You can always hang it whenever you like since it has a lanyard hole. 

The handle is colored with gray and black scales along with conventional leather sheath to ease grasp convenience. Since the resin is present in the coating, this handle can withstand any extreme weather conditions. In contrary to ordinary wood, this is made of Dymondwood, which is obviously stronger.

Pros Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter Knife


With this durable knife, the opening can foods, skinning an animal, and protecting yourself is made easier. We can never lose of finding a utility with this small yet efficient knife blade. 

Sharpened Razor Blade

Since you will go into a deep forest or unsafe hunting session, it is an advantage to have at least a sharp little-like sword to protect yourself and companions.

Ease of Grip

The presence of jumping edge along with leather sheath helps us to grasp the knife and do our hunting action. The handle won’t break as it is made up of a sturdy type of wood that can last for many years.

Flexible For Heavyweight Hunting Work

Though it is commonly intended for skinning, it has a lot more utility work to offer. In the presence of an emergency, this knife can be used to kill a wild boar entirely. 

Cons Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter Knife

Limited Blade Length

If we are up to kill a snake in any moment, we have to have the speed and skill to land in a good strike to take down the snake. It only means that since it is small, we can’t expect it to be suitable for higher-level weapon protection.

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Summary Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter Knife

Having the unique craftsmanship of the knife-edge, it is a good point to handle the knife comfortably. With the added leather sheath, the grip capacity is more enhance, which means that a hunter can do more hunting action if needed. It fits in the grasp of the hand so we can never lose friction and sight from our prey. Even it is small. It functions just like an all-round tool. The knife can be used in skinning, striking, opening, and many more. 

If you are more on personal hidden protection during hunting, this knife is the life-time answer to your call. This weapon can kill just like any other expensive knife available in the market. As long as you have this on your side, whether you are an expert or beginner archer, you are never away from security and protection.