Bone Collector 400 fps Block Target

Product Review Bone Collector 400 fps Block Target

Introduction Bone Collector 400 fps Block Target

This field bag target is all you need, particularly if you want a weather-resistant and high penetration capacity for your camp archery sessions. This article explains about Bone Collector 400 fps Block Target that you can use as the guideline when you want to train and practice your target before going to the jungle.

Do you want to know about arrowheads and the best crossbow? This article will explain the best crossbow that available in the market that you as the hunter use as the reference when you want to learn about affordable crossbow in the market.

Practice your target using crossbow, compound bow or recurve is very important before hunting any animals in the jungle. As the hunters, you must practice and learn the skills and technique before going for hunting animals. Through practising you can sharpen your skills and at the same time master the technique.

It is a sturdy yellow cube with four-sided unique targets and includes nine billiard balls, five classic bulls-eyes, one visible dartboard, and deer-like vitals. It can last even on rainy or sunny days. It holds the target in shape, giving you a clear sight of your aim.

It can be easily carried and place anywhere since it has two handles. The resistance ability is consistent as it can endure multiple shots from any bows. Even the quickest crossbow can be halt by this archery bag.  It has a long life span since the target cover is entirely replaceable. There will be no hard times since the arrows can be removed easily.

Pros Bone Collector 400 fps Block Target

Great Stopping Arrow Capacity

This point bag is so strong that it can stop arrows hovering around 400 fps. In that case, if you are an avid archery enthusiast, you will have unlimited on-ground practice. You will never worry knowing that your archery bag is sturdy to withstand thousands of arrow shots.

Four-Sided Live-like Targets

With the presence of four distinctive targets, you can hone your skills and aim for that bull’s eye target. The variety of these targets will give you more options to practice different angles at different proximity.

Weather-resistant and Durable 

The archery point bag is made up of sturdy material. Since it can last any weather conditions, you will never have to worry even you have forgotten to bring it inside the house. You can strike multiple times to your target since the hard foam keeps it on shape every time. 

Easy to Carry and Install 

The ease of carrying will satisfy your all-around archery adventure. Since it has two handles, you and your friends can bring it whenever you plan to hold your practice field. Apart from that, given the two handles, you can place it in any branch. 

Cons Bone Collector 400 fps Block Target

Not Ideal For Beginners

It would be difficult for a first-timer to gather the strength in aiming the arrow to penetrate thoroughly into the archery point bag. The foam can be hard, particularly if you are just about to learn in aiming for targets. It simply requires a full strength to aim for it. 

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Final Verdict

Overall, this block target bag is recommendable for experience and high-performance archery athlete and enthusiast. It is a great customized all-in-one target bag that can resist thousands of shots, even the fastest one. It offers visible four unique sets of targets for your all-around shooting sessions. Your investment is never wasted since the material is very rigid. It is very convenient as the point archery bag can be placed in any poles or branch of a tree.

The two handles allow anyone to carry it at ease. It is coupled with waterproof protection, so you never have to worry when it gets wet. You can enjoy archery sessions knowing that you have a strong point bag partner.