Barnett Wildcat C5

Product Review Crossbow Barnett Wildcat C5: 3 Tips and important about it

Introduction Crossbow Barnett Wildcat C5

When it comes to high-quality crossbows, Barnett dominates the market. Its products are seamlessly designed both for novices and hardcore hunters. This article will review about Crossbow Barnett Wildcat C5 that you can use as the guideline before buying Crossbow Barnett Wildcat C5.

There are many crossbow available in the market and you must choose wisely before investing your time and money to buying crossbow.

And, Wildcat C5 is one of these models. If you look at various reviews, you will see that many confused consumers turned into happy buyers. What could be the bow’s secret? Read on our review to find out! 

Description Crossbow Barnett Wildcat C5

Barnett Wildcat C5 is a durable compound crossbow with cams weighing 8.5 lbs. It measures 35.5-inch long and 26.75-inch wide, compact dimensions and easy to handle. The draw weight is a mere 150 pounds. It’s built with comfort and performance in mind, which is a perfect alternative for experienced hunters and newbies. It requires a pressure amounting to 4.4 pounds to pull the trigger. Assembling the components can be done in a maximum of fifteen minutes. 

Build & Design 

Everything about this crossbow screams indestructible. Made in the USA and features an ergonomic design. The quad limbs have added string and energy wheels to deliver all-powerful, steady draw. Its lightweight design is another attractive benefit for hunters with any skill level. 

Moreover, Barnett Wildcat C5 comes with a comfortable grip (padded grip) and handsome looks at the same time. The thumbhole encourages proper hand placing. Generally, this product is made to serve you for years. 


Opening the package will reveal tons of valuable items, including 4-arrow quiver with mount, string wax, foot stirrup, three 20″ arrows with field points, a scope, assembly hardware (hex keys, bolts), warranty card, plus assembly and user manual. An Anti-Dry Fire mechanism is included as well to ensure safety and comfort. 


Wildcat C5 has a maximum velocity of up to 320 feet per second (FPS), being able to produce 91 FP kinetic energy. This might be enough for penetrating stationary and moving targets efficiently from a minimum of twenty yards. There’s more room for accuracy thanks to the crossbow’s 4x32mm red dot scope. 


Unfortunately, the Barnett Wildcat C5 doesn’t have a dampening system. So, it can be too loud to use. But since it is a compound bow, it’s still quiet when compared to most recurves. 


  • Light, sleek, durable, and sturdy 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Easy to shot 
  • Great accuracy 
  • Low maintenance components 
  • Convenience to use for target practice and good hunting 
  • Affordable 
  • Quiver and arrows included 
  • Up to 5-year warranty 


  • Package doesn’t include rope cocking aid 
  • Not-so-durable scope 
  • Quite heavy and bulky for some 
  • Could be loud in some situations 

Is there any alternative product

Conclusion Crossbow Barnett Wildcat C5

Should we recommend Barnett Wildcat C5? 

Definitely yes, even though it lacks some advanced features that a crossbow should have. Given that it’s relatively cheap, you must lower your expectation. The speed and accuracy are top-notch for the price. Beginners and children who are starting to enter the sport may opt for this crossbow for their next purchase. Just ensure to get a rope cocking aid with your acquisition. On the other hand, dedicated hunters who need a more precise shot at closer ranges may find this model not quite suitable to be a hunting best friend.