Product Review King’s Camo Classic Cotton Insulated Jacket Realtree Edge

Introduction King’s Camo Classic Cotton

King’s camo is a company famous for its outdoor and camping clothing and accessories. It was established in 1995 and has now become one of the leading high-performing and affordable camouflage clothing with its unique terrain-camo specific pattern. The product to be reviewed is its King’s Camo Classic Cotton and can be found online at

The product is sold on Amazon – the biggest e-commerce platform in the world with visits by 197 million people monthly from around the world. Customers also use the platform to compare prices and read comments from previous purchasers before they buy a product. King’s Camo also sells their product through their official website which also provides a similar layout with Amazon and allow customer feedback. However, with millions of products available online, people would still prefer to do their purchasing via the site as they can easily compare prices and check the reviews of other brands.

King’s Camo also has hundreds of product available on Amazon and it makes it easier for customers to make a comparison between the various products. Amazon also provides a suggestion of items that customers purchase together with the item and also suggest related products. 

Product Images King’s Camo Classic Cotton

In the website there’s only one photo that was provided for this product and users can zoom in to the product to see the pattern. This does not provide an easy view of the product and can only be seen through one dimensional. They should share more angles of the product and also a picture of it being worn by a model, to see the fit and also how to style the jacket.

With the limited number of photos provided, customers may be dissuaded to purchase the product as they can’t really assess the design and the features of the jacket. It is also important to showcase the jacket in “real life” situation so it will be more relatable to the customers e.g. pictures of someone wearing it on a hike or on a snowy day.

Product Descriptions for King’s Camo Classic Cotton

The product description provided is generic and for those who are not familiar with the materials, it may take them some time to make a decision. They may need to search for the individual advantages of the features mentioned. And because there aren’t enough photos available, the product details may not be too attractive too some. It would be better if there were pictures of the pockets, zips, extended back. Etc. 

The Jacket is perfect for those who love the outdoors or working outside in the cold weather. The jacket is insulated with new cotton ripstop materials to keep warm. It also has many features to provide that extra warmth to the customers:-

  • 180 Grams Polyfill Insulation – Cotton Ripstop Material
  • Attached Drawstring Hood – Side Entry Hand Warming Pockets
  • Chest Zip Pocket – Two Inside Pockets
  • Five Total Pockets
  • Extended Back

The product details include the following:-

  • Colour: Realtree Edge
  • Weight: 4 pounds (1.8 kg)
  • Sizes: M to 3 XL
  • Pro or Benefits of it?
  • Stylish – The camo prints is unique and is not too overpowering. It is also a new design as it has sleek lines around the jacket
  • Moderate weight – at 4 pounds (1.8 kg), the jacket is considered lightweight for cold weather and it makes it easier to travel
  • Quality material – The material used includes polyfill insulation and cotton ripstop material is perfect for the cold weather
  • Affordable – The price range is $59.99 – $61.00 is considered affordable considering the insulated materials
  • Functional – Extended back, built-in hood and adjustable cuffs bring extra warmth and endurance, adjustable pockets, hand-warming pockets
  • Cons or Downside of it?
  • It doesn’t provide the information on the maximum temperature the jacket can endure
  • It is not waterproof or water resistance
  • It may not be suitable for smaller sized/framed people as it is still a heavy jacket
  • Not mentioned if it was unisex or only for a specific gender

Are there any other alternative products?

There are a lot of alternative products available on the site with similar price points and have more reviews by customers. Potential customers will have a lot of options from other brands and some may have a lower price or have additional features (waterproof).

There are also options with higher price points but may have better reviews and this could persuade customers to purchase the items if they can afford to pay more.

Any comments or feedback from the online review that you can share?

  • The Average Customer Review is 4.7 out of 5 stars with 12 customers’ reviews. It is also ranked at number at number 70,226 in Sports and Outdoors and  451 for hunting clothing in Amazon
  • Customers provided either 5 or 4 stars which indicated good level of satisfaction of the product.
  • Some of the comments include:-

Will, you recommended to others to buy the products?

At the price point, this jacket is considered affordable and since it is a well-known brand, the quality can be trusted. Based on the reviews provided by the previous customers, they are happy with their purchase although with some minor complaints. The design is also stylish and it provides a modern twist to the classic camo design. 


The products may not be the most popular product on Amazon, however, the reviews were generally positive hence, customers will be drawn to consider the product. While it is important for products to be ranked higher so it will be more visible to customers, those who are familiar with the brand will probably repeat their purchase and recommend the products to others.

Comments and reviews are also very important as customers are unlikely to buy products that are not rated or reviewed. People trust previous purchases comments as they see it as unbiased feedback as they are also paid, customers. Customers will usually provide their honest feedback especially when a product do not meet their expectations.