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 Introduction for Rambo 2 hunting knife

Bill Moran, a master knife designer, was the first bladesmith to be asked to create the knives. He was assigned for a prototype but decided to reject the offer to make knives for the film. The bladesmith who actually produced the knife was Arkansas ‘ master knifemaker Jimmy Lile.  This article will explain about Rambo 2 knife for your references and guidelines about Rambo 2 hunting knife

Jimmy Lile was a 1970 bladesmith who passed away in 1991. He designed for the film a total of 13 knives.  Six were used in the film and he kept seven. He went on to make 87 more lately, but they all had improvements from the knives of the film.  The most popular variation was that, opposed to the 14 on the actual movie knife, he used 12 saw teeth.  The grind and finish were other variations. John Hill is now Lile’s knives owner He makes a detailed handmade knife version that was used in First Blood by Sylvester Stallone.  For decades, John has been a huge fan and collector of the Rambo knives of Jimmy Lile. He has an excellent history in engineering and even has high-end custom gun smiting in his repertoire to make it even better.  He is considered to be obsessively accurate. His knives for his First Blood replica cost more than $2,000. Once again, Jimmy Lile crafted the knives for “Rambo: First Blood Part II,” the second film in the series Rambo. Such knives are called the knives of ‘ Mission ‘ because they have been branded with ‘ Rambo the Mission’

Product Images for Rambo 2 hunting knife

Although the similarity is a little larger than the original First Blood knife, it is quite clear.  These blades were a little longer than 15 inches and had a length of ten inches.  The makers used a black blade that had polished edges to create a contrasting effect. Such knives, like all brown, grey and black with light edges, featured different blade finishes. The serrated blade is good for cutting rope and so on, and the hollow aluminum handle has a mini survival kit with items like a precision compass, needles, matches, and hooks on it, etc. Rambo was holding the knife in a handmade sheath of black leather.  He also placed a sharpening stone outside the sheath in a small pouch. Not more than 100 knives of’ mission’ have been made. They were all black with light edges and featured 14 crossguards sighted teeth and screwdriver. About 800 to 1000 unnumbered knives are crafted with blasted grey bead finish.  A special Rambo II knife was ordered to have 13 saw teeth, among them. The knife comes with a hollow, snugly fitted aluminium handle that holds a package for survival.

The handle also features a distinctive non-magnetic, screw-on aluminum pommel that acts as a cap.  The pommel’s interior is fitted with a precision compass and a pointed metal glass breaker is kept on the outside.  The handle of the knife is lined with cordage of black nylon.  The guard has the head and flat head screwdriver of a Phillip and has lashing holes as well. The blade for Rambo II is made of stainless steel and is fitted with a Bowie clip point and saw teeth the blade’s biggest portion is black in color. The official certified knife copies included in the movie were 15 3/8 inches long with a 1⁄4 inch thickness made of 420 J2 stainless steel. The approved licensed versions of the knives used in ‘ The First Blood ‘ and ‘ Rambo: First Blood Part II ‘ included a hollow handle screwed in tang shape. It was very simple for the knife to break into half as the tang was attached to the handle with just one screw.

 Product Descriptions for Rambo 2 hunting knife

This knife is a survival knife designed to help people live in the wilderness during an emergency where they have lost all of their vital equipment.  This survival knife is based on a classic knife design from an aviator knife used by pilots in their emergency kits during World War II and Vietnam.  So it’s safe to say that a true story is actually based on the Rambo blade.  This knife right here is pretty sexy, the knife of survival being much larger than the original model of the aviator, but based on the same model. This officially licensed Rambo: First Blood Part II knife features a 9 “blade and a cord-wrapped handle. The survival kit contains fishing lines, a pole, sinkers, matches, etc. and a certificate of authenticity is included.

Pro or Benefits of it of Rambo 2 hunting knife

For campers, soldiers, hunters or survivalists, survival knives are useful. It happens to be a one-to-one resource that will help you get your food and also cook it, shelter and save your life in remote islands, dense forests, and other emergency situations.

Cons or Downside of it?

The 420 steel is highly stain resistant, but will not hold an edge and is a bear to sharpen. If you like stainless, look for 440C or equivalent that is “stainless” but with high carbon secondly, the serrations are too large to be of use. And they are pointed in the wrong direction, so even if they worked they would cause you to expend more energy than necessary. Thirdly. The screwdriver handles are virtually worthless as such since the large blade and handle preclude them being held and twisted around an axis, which is what a screwdriver is supposed to do. The fourth disadvantage is the high price you can get a quality piece from many other makers, but it won’t have the bells and whistles or the signed papers, but it will be sharp, hold an edge, and be sturdy. Last but not least the quality of the survival kit.

Are there any other alternative products?

Rambo II knives can be purchased from the Jimmy Lile knives company in either official replica or’ actual’ edition. United Cutlery originally produced the official replica knife under the name UC-RB2. Nevertheless, it was sold to Master Cutlery, who manufactures the knife today, after UC lost the license. Such knives are intended for collectors and can be used outdoors as well, although the tang of the knife can break or unscrew from the handle if put under too much use. The model knives usually cost around $100 and can be found throughout the internet. Remember that the replica knives are made of steel of lower quality than the official Lile knives (420J2 versus D2 or 440C) and use a tang construction (against the push tang construction of Lile knives, see).

Any comments or feedback from the online review that you can shared?-look at review

August 5, 2017, Verified Purchase

I ordered this thinking it wasn’t the signature version because one of the questions was answered by the previous purchaser. I did not want the signature on the blade. So I was willing to risk it and order one. Lucky the previous purchaser was right. I got the one I wanted in the first place. They should remove the word signature from the title. Other than that it’s perfect! Great quality and the knife is very accurate to the movie. The sheath not so much. It came with a brass sharpening rod. I quickly covered it in electrical tape. Now it blends in. I highly recommend this knife. Shipping was super-fast too!

One of customer review very genuine and useful feedback for next buyers. 

Do you recommend to buy the products?

 Sure, the best knives for survival are those with a fixed edge and the blade’s steel is full tang and the handle is made of the same material.  That said, the knife of the Rambo 2 is of great quality. Heavy-duty work can be done by the 440 Stainless Steel Blade This knife is able to handle almost everything. Around 68% most of customer review and comments about these products is positive and give surety and confidence to purchase this product. We can trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations about this product.


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As responsible online shoppers we need to provide accurate and genuine product reviews and testimonials so that we can gain mutual benefits. The knife of the Rambo 2 is of great quality. Heavy-duty work can be done by the 440 Stainless Steel Blade This knife is able to handle almost everything. Since around 68% most of the customer reviews and comments positive on products and services they provided, I highly recommend this product for online shoppers.