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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Bow Draw Length

A Guide to How to Measure for Bow Draw Length

From aiding in having a quality sleep to relaxing the mind, the list of benefits of playing sports is never-ending. This article explains regarding Bow Draw Length that you can use as the guideline when want to understand bow draw length.

How to Measure Bow Brace Length

  • Stand firm and steadily
  • The chest shouldn’t be overextended
  • Now measure from the tip of the middle finger from one hand
  • Divide the arm span length with 2.5 to obtain the draw lengt

Playing reduces stress, improves heart and lung condition, boosts confidence and concentration, uproots leadership traits, etc. No wonder why the world in taking in sports as a part of life since the fruits it holds are many.

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One such famous and widely loved sport is archery. It is a sport that requires shooting with bows and arrows. It is a perfect replica of the name archery meaning combat and hunting. It requires skill, precision, concentration, and physical strength. Though it seems to be harder, its benefits make it one of the top sports in the world.

Advantages of Archery for beginner:

  • Enhances hand-to-eye coordination
  • Improves the player’s focus and concentration
  • Improves upper body’s strength
  • Boosts the confidence levels
  • Aids in maintaining a good social life

Archery can either be played with a team or individually. It not only helps physically but by boosting self-confidence and focus, it aids psychologically as well. Naturally many are interested in the sport both for the advantages and fun. As already mentioned that it is a shooting game that requires bow and an arrow, the fact that guns aren’t involved makes it more gripping.

But hold on! There is a hitch here. The bows that can be used aren’t universal in length. Its length depends on the draw length of a person unique to himself. Wonder what is a draw length?!It is the maximum length until which a bow can be drawn or the length until you’re the most accurate and comfortable to draw a bow.

Well, the traditional bows don’t have this problem as technically, they can be drawn to any length but the modern compound bows aren’t like this due to their complexity, precision, and performance.Their length varies from one bow to the other depending on individual draw lengths. To enjoy the sport and grab all the assets from it, it is essential to know this.

To know how to measure for bow draw length at home easily, follow the simple steps discussed below:

Steps to Measure Draw Length:

The following method is known to be the easiest one and can be used by both the compound and recurve archers. It involves two steps – measuring arm span and dividing the obtained length with a constant number 2.5.

Step – 1:

  • Stand firm and steadily exactly in the shape of letter “T” with palms completely open
  • The chest shouldn’t be overextended and the person should be in a relaxing and natural position
  • Now measure from the tip of the middle finger from one hand to that of the other and note it as the arm span length in inches

One simple way to do this is to stand near to a wall with the back against it. after this step, proceed to step 2 below.

Step – 2:

Divide the arm span length with 2.5 to obtain the draw length. For example, if the measured length is 50”,

In case any decimal values are obtained, round off the value to the nearest integer greater to it i.e. if the length is 20.8 inches, round it off to 21 inches.

With these simple steps, one can easily measure his bow draw length, and based on that, he can choose his favorite bow to play the most promising archery sport.