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Tips for Making a Good Repeating Crossbow Even Better

What is a Repeating Crossbow?

If you are a great fan of archery and history, then you must have heard about the repeating crossbow at least once. This article explains repeating crossbow that important for hunters to learn and know when want to start the hunt for animals when there are in the jungle.

Maybe you have seen pictures of it. But have you ever wondered what it is, where it came from, who used it for what purpose etc.? If so, you have reached the right place. Let us talk more about this particular type of crossbow.

What exactly is a repeating crossbow? 

A repeating crossbow is a type of Chinese crossbow. This crossbow was first made during the period of Warring States and was used for a long time. It was last used probably during the late Qing Dynasty. This repeating crossbow is also known by other names such as Zhuge crossbow.

It is designed to be a very handy weapon for people. The Zhuge crossbow is small in size compared to other types of crossbows. The firing of it is weak and this is why it was advised that one uses poisoned darts while using this crossbow.

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One of the earliest crossbows to have been found was one that was excavated from a tomb of the State of Chu. It is estimated to have been from the 4th century BC.

  • Why were they no longer used in the Qing Dynasty?

The most common type of repeating crossbow originated during the Ming Dynasty. A Korean version of the same was also invented almost at the same time.

By the time the Qing Dynasty came into power and started ruling China, firearms had also been invented. It became obvious that the repeating crossbows could not be used in fighting as well as the firearms. The firearms were found to be a much better weapon of defence and war.

This made people opt for firearms over the Zhuge crossbows.

  • What is the range and utility of the repeating crossbow?

A Zhuge crossbow has an effective range of about 70-180 meters. This shows that it is pretty much used for short-range defence mechanisms and self-defence. One can discharge about 7-10 bolts within 15-20 seconds. Most of the time, these bolts’ tips are covered with poison.

  • Can one make a repeating crossbow at home or a workshop?

There are many tutorials, websites and videos that explain the making of a repeating crossbow and how to make one. Of course, the main item you require will be wood of any kind. You will also need glue, PVC pipes, paint etc. if you want to make one that looks good etc.

We hope you have got at least a basic knowledge about the repeating crossbow, its history and its usage. They were a part of the history and if it is something that interests you, then this article would have captured your attention.

There is so much more information about it out there. You can even make a crossbow very easily with a few materials. Different types of repeating crossbows are also now coming in the market such as the tactical repeating crossbows etc. So go ahead and learn more about it!!

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