Product Review Gerber Prodigy Survival Knife

Introduction for Gerber Prodigy Survival Knife

Gerber Prodigy survival knife is known by its name itself. This is a combat knife that is used for rough activities. Mostly used for outdoor survival activities such as camping, hiking, and even orienteering. The brand has established over a century and the products are high in quality. This article will review about Gerber Prodigy Survival Knife that you can use as the guideline to understand about knife hunting. I hope that you can use it as the reference in your journey to find the best hunting knife.

Gerber is a company that has been in the “knife” industry for over a century. The innovation and commitment to strive for improvement in quality are unstoppable. All Gerber products are designed with unique needs and specifications. The products aren’t just blades but heavy-duty knives ranging from household use to survival gears.

Product Description for Gerber Prodigy Survival Knife

The Gerber 22-41121 Prodigy Survival Combat Knife is made of ultra-durable stainless steel is comfortable to users with the rubber handle. Besides that, it provides a firm grip to users. There is no extraordinary energy required for users as the rubber handle allows the users to use it with confidence. This is an ideal product to be carried along for your audacious outdoor activities.

Benefits of the product Gerber Prodigy Survival Knife

This product is highly durable for any kind of outdoor usage. The full tang blade is made of high-quality stainless steel which is beefy enough to handle anything and everything. Moreover, the black oxide coating enhances corrosion resistance. It is very handy in size which allows you to carry it along for any kind of outdoor excursions.

Besides that, the Prodigy knife is designed in such a way to give the ergonomic feel for its’ users. The rubber handle ensures there is a secure grip in any condition. Moreover, the rubber gives a soft and comfortable texture which gives comfort to the users. Aside from the knife, the sheath is also designed in such a way to ensure the carrier is protected. There are security features added to the sheath to ensure the users do not accidentally harm themselves. A friction release thumb lock is placed in the sheath to ensure the knife doesn’t get out of the sheath easily.

On top of that, this Prodigy Knife also comes with a belt loop which allows fast hanging as well as a leg strap and two attachment straps for safety and security purposes.

Last but not least is the compact design which is portable. The overall length of the product is about 9.75 inches whereas the blade length about 4.75 inches allows the product to be pocket portable. You can either place it near your ankle using the leg strap or even hang on the belt. The weight of this knife is about 1.15 pounds make you feel that you are not carrying the knife.

The downside of the product Gerber Prodigy Survival Knife

The only downside of this product is the danger that awaits if the knife is not handled well nor misused. There is a safety warning on the packaging which gives a heads up on the care and caution of the product as well as a guide on how to handle the product.

Since the ultimate purpose of this knife is for survival purposes, the blades are very sharp and may harm the user if it’s not held well. On top of that, there are possibilities of the pivot screw to loosen over time which leads the blade to more freely. Therefore, it is important for users to read the manual before usage. Most importantly, this knife has to keep out of children’s reach.

Alternative products

There are so many other alternative products that serve the purpose and sold at a cheaper price. According to, they compare this prodigy knife with 3 other knives. One product is from Gerber itself and another two is from Smith and Wesson.

The competitor would be Smith and Wesson due to competitive pricing. However, users must also look into other factors such as durability and credibility of the manufacturer. Thus, Gerber is still in the top of the line.

Comments and feedback from online review

There are 705 review from customers for this product. 81% of the customer’s rate 5 stars. 12% customers rate 4 stars. Majority of the customers a very happy with the product. Some of them even recommended their friends to purchase the knife. Some customers are repeat customers.

The comments of the product mainly are about the durability of the product. One customer used this knife for about 20-30 camping trips and yet it’s in good condition. Another customer is happy with the product as it is used as a multi-purpose knife.

Recommendation to buy the product

The Gerber Survival Knife is a product worth investing in if you are an adventurous person who is involved in outdoor activities. This survival knife will be the perfect partner similar to a handy-man. So, ladies and gentlemen out there, be assured that you are safe to use this product.


Hence, the concept of 92% of users that will use a local business of 4-star rating and above is proven correct for this case. The key factors of review are craftmanship, ergonomic and value for money. Generally, consumers nowadays would like to ensure that the product purchased has value for money. These online reviews assist in decision making.