Tenpoint Turbo GT

Review Product Tenpoint Turbo GT Crossbow

Introduction Tenpoint Turbo GT Crossbow

Tenpoint is a lightweight compound crossbow that aims for a target quickly. Do you want to kill animals fast and silence, then this crossbow Tenpoint Turbo GT is the right bow for you? This article explains Tenpoint Turbo GT that can be used as the information guideline when you want to hunt animals.

There are many animals that hunters can hunt during the day and night such as moose, elk, bear, boar, duck, coyote, raccoon, fish and many more. hunting using the crossbow is the best equipment for hunting at the jungle.

. It is a portable bow so that it can be carried anywhere you go on hunting and shooting. It comes with an auto-safety feature to prevent any unloaded points. Tenpoint bow’s exterior is also coated with camo design to improve concealment and to avoid any prey to be startled.  

Its safety wings are composed of nylon to keep your finger safe from any strain path. The takeoff capacity measures up to 360 fps. The draw weight measures almost 170 pounds while the power stroke is 12.6 inches. The bow itself measures 6.5 pounds.  Given these features, we can clearly see that it is a highly performing bow that can handle big hunting game.

When you purchase one, it comes with added accessories such as 3x scope, DVD instructional manual, cocking device, 3 carbon arrows, camo stock, left and right-handed quiver bracket, and many more.

Pros Tenpoint Turbo GT

Flexible Cocking Assistance

The three options of cocking stocks help in getting the right hunter’s takeoff capacity. With these adjustments, it can readily be used by anyone even by young hunters.

Great Performance Level

Since it has an arrow speed of 340 fps, it can help to achieve the best hunting experience. Given its axle-to-axle raised or removed, the navigation is a lot easier. 

Improved Comfort and Security

The dry-strike mechanism inhibits any crossbow to fire without an arrow in it. Apart from that, the bow contains a comfortable grip giving the ease of handling and switch.  

Improved Ease of Handling

The well-cut forepart of the holder and buttstock are not only designed to reduce the weight of the bow. They can also enhance the balance and ease of carrying it. 

Cons Tenpoint Turbo GT

Limited Optic Range

With the presence of the 3x optics, we can place accurate aim points. However, if we are longing for a higher distance above 40 yards, we will surely need to opt for a higher rank of a compound bow.

Made Without the Presence of Boise Dampeners

Even though the limbs of the crossbow is separated from the riser, it is not enough to make the device a quite hunting shooter. Perhaps, the concealment itself would not be dependable once the prey hears a tickle of sound.  

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Summary Tenpoint Turbo GT

Overall, the crossbow of Tenpoint Turbo is a one-of-kind. It has a scorching speed that is dependable in any big hunting game. Even in small game archery, the bow can be used as it has adjustable cocking stocks, which can be customized to incline the hunter’s launch strength. That is where the accuracy comes in. And that is more powered by well-design cutoffs of buttstocks and grip. Though it only have a limited range of optic, the speed of the crossbow itself is enough to take down any potential prey. That is why it is very recommendable in any kind of hunting experience. The unique craftsmanship of each component made the bow to function just like any high-level compound bow. It is lightweight, easy to carry, fast, and accurate.